Daddy Was A Thief Review

Daddy Was A Thief Review

Sep 12, 2013

Isn’t it strange that a game is only perceived as mature when the developers consciously try to make it so? By all accounts, Daddy Was A Thief is a hardcore circus of violence and destruction, but since it has nice music and cute graphics, it feels like a completely peaceful game. And I’m definitely digging its style. I’ve already reviewed it a while ago on iOS, and since Daddy Was A Thief got an update, I figured it would be a great time to also review this great game on Android, as well.

Daddy Was A Thief 1Daddy Was A Thief puts the player in the shoes of a middle-aged manager, who gets fired from his job, and, quite hastily, perhaps, decides to pursue a criminal career in the private sector. In other words, he decides to rob a bank. It’s a daring thing to do in that world, as bank robbery is punishable by execution on the spot – by rockets. The game picks up the hero as he gets busted at the bank, and escapes from the top floor on an adjacent skyscraper. Now, the guy needs to get to the bottom of the virtually infinitely long building by smashing his way through the floors. The hero runs back and forth on the floor by himself, and the player’s only task is to pick a right time to swipe wherever, so the guy would jump and crash down onto the next floor. The place and time of crash should be picked, depending on whatever is situated on the floor below.

And there are lots and lots of things that can be there. Starting from furniture, washing machines, TV sets and safes, all of which can be destroyed by jumping on top of them and bringing them down through the floors, and ending with cops, kick-ass grannies, and giant fish tanks. Each level is different in its own way, and it’s fun to try and make the best of them all. Later on the floors are getting harder and harder to pass – and they should all be passed as fast as possible, since the police shoots rockets through a floor, if the thief takes his time on it. They can be evaded, but still.

In general, Daddy Was A Thief is really fun. Although it can get a bit repetitive after a while, new upgrades and power-ups to unlock are enough to keep it interesting. Although it’s not that difficult, it still requires some skills, and eventually, becomes like Tetris – not about whether you survive the next floor, but about how long you can keep playing it, before making a mistake. And damn if I’m not going to start it over again when I do.

Tiny Thief Review

Tiny Thief Review

Jul 23, 2013

Why does it necessarily have to be a thief? Whenever someone makes a stealth game, it always has some sort of thief, or assassin, as the protagonist. Stealth games can be much more! For example, a game can be about a private detective, taking up different cases, following people around, and taking pictures of someone’s wife. Or, it can be about a revolutionary, who is hiding from the police authorities, stirring up the flames of revolution, posting propaganda posters, and taking naked pictures of someone’s wife. The possibilities are endless! But here we are, with another thief, who is hiding from the guards, takes what isn’t his, and doesn’t even have a camera. At least the game is good.

Tiny Thief 3
Although Tiny Thief may look like a stealth action from the first glance – and it sort of is – it’s actually more of an adventure game. It consists of many different levels, with similar goals in each one. There’s always a level goal, which has to be completed for the level to count as passed; a secondary goal, which usually requires finding the whereabouts of the main hero’s ferret friend, and a secret goal, which has to be discovered separately.

Most of the goals require finding some sort of loot that the protagonist seeks for reasons, explained in the small story comics between the levels. Each level has a different way of obtaining the loot, and finding this way is the main part of the gameplay. Thief is controlled by tapping around a level to make him run around, and when he is near an object that can be interacted with, an icon appears for the interaction, although some objects can be interacted with directly, without the Thief’s direct presence.

There’s a problem, by the way, since often, there is a guard standing nearby, ready to turn at any second, so the time is pressing, and aiming and pressing at an interaction icon takes up precious seconds. It could simply light up before Thief is coming near an object, saving lots of hassle. Anyway, besides this small problem, everything about the game is smooth and works just right. The levels in Tiny Thief are varied, and require the player to search through his surroundings and think of a plan, before actually going in.

Often, random tapping on every possible object helps the progress, but the gray matter still has to participate in the process. The graphics in Tiny Thief are nice and cute, and the game is generally well-designed. Although stealth-action purists can scorn at such a casual attempt at a stealth game, it’s a lighthearted and fun title, with more than enough challenges.

Robbery Bob Review

Robbery Bob Review

Nov 13, 2012

People think criminals are pretty dumb, in this case Bob is. He takes a file given to him when he was in jail and used it to escape. Because he did that, he owes a guy. What this guy wants is for Bob to break into a bunch of different places in and steal everything of value.

The first robbery is training to show Bob the ropes. From that point on, there are a few tutorial missions but only when there’s new skill to be learned. In beginning of the game, there’s also hints written on the floor. These hints are meant to show what should be done in this situation. The map for each level has a bunch of different houses to take items from once all of the houses have been pilfered, the next levels unlocked.

To clear each house, all three of the objectives need to be met. Those objectives are entering and exiting the house with all of the items and not being spotted, completing the level in a specific amount of time and getting all of the selected items in the house.

The controls consist of an on-screen directional pad, a run button and a moneybag gauge to show when all of the loot has been taken from the building. In the top left corner there’s also some other buttons to pause the game, fast-forward through the cut scenes and check inventory/abilities.

The abilities will help with the general parts of the game. The different abilities are stealth, stamina, speed, and grab-ability. Some of the utilities are power ups for lack of better term while others are tools to help in the midst of a heist. A rotten donut can be given to guards to make him sick or the strange liquid will turn Bob invisible for a short time. The other thing in this menu are different outfits. The outfits will help Bob blend in a little better. The outfits are little bit pricey in the beginning but as the game progresses there easier to purchase because there are higher-priced items to steal.

Robbery Bob is a fun, lighthearted and fairly easy game. With multiple stages per level and 3+ levels, there’s a bunch of fun to keep coming back for.