Yahoo Aviate Launcher Review

Yahoo Aviate Launcher Review

Sep 5, 2014

The ability to customize is one of Android’s biggest virtues.and third-party launchers are a big part of the experience. Thing is, there are a lot of launchers on the scene; as such, new options by the Yahoo acquisition Aviate have to do quite a bit to stand out.

Upon starting the app, one gets the “Simplify your phone” mantra, an invitation that is hard to ignore. There is a video intro and tapping on the blue “start” button opens up a three-page promo portion which eventually leads to the set-up, and after selecting Aviate as the permanent launcher, its ready to go.

The main page is a simple screen, made up mostly of wallpaper, top area and a bottom dock with five app icons; the apps represented thus can be manipulated by tapping and holding, and widgets can be added to this screen via the standard Android long-press method. There are other “home” screens as well. At the top right is an icon that loads the app drawer.yahoo1

To the left of the first screen, there is an interesting data screen that highlights basics like weather, calendar events and news; as with the first, widgets can be added to this sliding screen. To the right of the first screen, there is a page with categorized apps.

Then, there are slide-outs to the far right and far left; the left side has “spaces,” which is the functional heart of the app. Spaces are simply a descriptive term for these unique screens that offer smart information based on location and action. This specific slide enables easy access to the spaces, as well as app settings. to the right, is an alphabetized listing of apps.

Everything works together well, and it is seamless within Android OS. There are some clunky aspects (the method of changing icons on the middle/main screen bottom dock comes to mind); the way it incorporates widgets in the framework does overcome a lot of ills.

For a free, well-backed option, Aviate is tough to ignore, if even just for the option of the occasional switch-up.