Thrutu Introduces New Features for Itneracting Outside of Phone Calls

Thrutu Introduces New Features for Itneracting Outside of Phone Calls

Oct 24, 2011

Thrutu, the service that allows phone calls to expand beyond just talking to another person, with an API to extend functionality to do things like send PayPal payments, has expanded to provide services to Thrutu users outside of phone calls. Entitled Thrutu Interactive, users can now interact with Thrutu users when not in a phone call with them. Meet Thrutu Interactive.

What Thrutu Interactive does is that it allows one user to notify another, through Google’s C2DM service to receive a direct push to their phone. The users can then share location, with the ability to have live location updating. Doodling is also possible, whether on top of a map, photo, or just random doodling for the sake of doodling. Just remember, drawing a mustache on people gets old after a while. Games can also be played, similar to the traditional Thrutu system. As well, all the services that use the Thrutu API to extend the service can be used with Thrutu Interactive.

According to Liz Rice, VP of Thrutu, “Our users tell us they love the interactive features on Thrutu, and they want to be able to use them outside phone calls as well. There is no other mobile app or service that lets you interact with another person in such a rich variety of ways – especially when third party developers can build even more Thrutu buttons based on our APIs. Now, for those times when you need to do more than just email or text, you can use Thrutu Interactive.”

Currently, Thrutu Interactive is only available on Android, but it will be coming to iOS and BlackBerry users soon, so cross-platform Thrutu users can take advantage of these features, and also get cross-platform text messaging as well. The update to Thrutu adding the Thrutu Interactive features is available now from the Android Market.