Thumbzilla Review

Thumbzilla Review

Oct 31, 2012

Watching the video for Thumbzilla when I came across it in the Google Play Store, it took me about 5 seconds for me to decide I wanted to play it. The story for the game is there is a thumb monster, kind of like all those old Japanese monsters Godzilla or Mothra, attacking the city. Playing as the monster, try and rack up as many dollars in damage as possible.

To control the “monster” use 2 thumbs to make a walking motion. This will stomp on buildings and vehicles and anything else in the monster’s path. Swiping a finger back to front is like kicking. The kicking motion can knock over buildings and send cars hurtling through the air. Tap the screen to stomp on the cars or people or buildings.

There is only one power up. When kicking over random buildings, a question mark may appear. Stepping on this question mark will equip the thumb monster with, get this, ballerina shoes. The shoes are pink and dainty with some soft music in the background. While wearing these shoes, the damage inflicted is much greater. Most of the buildings will fall in two kicks vs. 3 or 4 without the shoes.

The city will be fighting back while the monster is ravaging the city trying to kill it. After receiving a lot of damage from the tanks and army shooting at it, the monster will die. It takes a lot though. A lot of the damage can be avoided by keeping moving. It didn’t seem like there was an end to the city so keep running and knocking things over and stomping.

I thought the game was a lot of fun to play. When I played it the first time I was giggling as I thumbed through the city and knocked stuff over. Aside from the cartoon blood, it’s easy enough for kids to play and hold their attention.