The Curse Review

The Curse Review

Oct 2, 2012

The Curse is a game for people who are clever. It’s a brain-teaser game, where the goal is to solve 100 puzzles put forth by the mischevious Mannequin, who’s been freed from his curse. The only way to get him trapped back in the book? Solve all those puzzles. Good luck, because the puzzles the Mannequin has come up with are some real doozies.

There’s really a lot here to do: there’s a wide variety of puzzle types, from riddles to tangrams to even timing challenges that require a sequence of lights to be activated in such a way that given their delay, they will all go off simultaneously. The game is structured to reduce frustration as all 100 puzzles are available to be played right at the beginning of the game. Get frustrated with one puzzle? Jump to another. Enjoy riddles? Play all of them first! The puzzles will all still be challenging, but at least there’s the ability to rage-quit a particularly baffling one to jump to a different event without quitting the game. Also, the Mannequin is deliciously smarmy with his dialogue, and with the fact that he sees fit to give the player a thumbs-up every time a puzzle is solved. He may be a bad enough dude to be locked inside a book, but game does recognize game.

I do wonder how many people are going to beat The Curse without cheating in some fashion, as walkthroughs do exist. The puzzles seem to require so many different kinds of thinking, that it may take some kind of genius savant to solve all of them effectively. I am not that genius, and I think this might serve as some kind of great intelligence test where he who does not cheat truly succeeds and ascends to a higher plane of existence, or gets to hang out with Stephen Hawking. Something like that. I’m not saying that Googling will turn up some answers, but I ain’t not saying it either.

For fans of brain-teasers, The Curse is jam-packed with enough swear-worthy puzzles that if there’s a swear jar nearby, it will burst. This is either because of all the money inserted into said swear jar, or because it will be thrown to the ground in frustration because that stupid lights puzzle just won’t work! Ack!