Colin McRae Rally Launches on Android from Thumbstar Games

Colin McRae Rally Launches on Android from Thumbstar Games

Mar 4, 2014

Colin McRae Rally, the series named after the late rally driver, has a new entry available on Android, published by Thumbstar Games. Race across 30 rally stages from all across the world with realistic physics that the series is known for. Do so in the Ford Focus, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI, Lancia Stratos and Subaru Impreza, all with co-piloting from Nicky Grist, McRae’s co-driver. The game is available now on Google Play.

New Star Soccer Review

New Star Soccer Review

Nov 29, 2013

I’ll be honest: I’m somewhat cynical of soccer sims. It seems most long-term sports management games have been done. Still, it takes a game like New Star Soccer to change my mind, and change my mind it did.

The game provides an abbreviated player development ladder based around The Beautiful Game. It connects gameplay, skill development/career and more into a pretty nice simulation package.

It starts out with the character. Upon launch, the game prompts to create a profile in of the available slots (it’s possible to have more than one on the same device). I like that there is some customization, down to nationality and skin tone. There is a tutorial, and then some skills tests. After this, our newly created player gets to sign a contract with one of the lower teams, and it’s off on the career quest.nss1

On the “home” page, the tabs all but explain the elements that need to be managed: League, Skills, Life and actual Games. Skills are the attributes that can be improved upon by taking mini-challenges. The League measures standings of the team, while Life measures measured intangibles, like our players relationship with teammates, Manager and fans. It also ascribes a value for lifestyle… things like tattoos, vehicles and properties all come ogether and can be improved upon by game bux earned from playing.

The games are quick affairs, with summary excerpts that denote noteworthy plays (including any involving our player; when these do occur, the game uses some fun action sequences). The action starts with the occasional easy pass or shot, which can be accomplished by pulling back on the ball to effect the appropriate power, and releasing in the direction of a teammate or the goal and then “striking” the rolling ball to control spin. As a soccer player, Successful passes and goals yield points which are reflected in bonus payouts and achievements.

The most important element is Energy. to train, or interact with teammates, or anything important, energy is expended. Not having enough reduces playing time and/or relegates the picked player to a substitute status. replacement cans can be purchased with bux or real cash.

I really enjoyed the game. I think some of the menus can be streamlined, and multiplayer functionality would be insanely cool. The graphics are a little rough, but do their job.

But for a fun career sim, this is pretty fun and engaging.

Talisman Prologue HD Update Adds Six New Characters and Quests

Talisman Prologue HD Update Adds Six New Characters and Quests

Jul 12, 2013

Talisman Prologue HD has been updated, adding more characters to adventure with in this title that’s based on a classic board game. There are six new characters, each with their own unique magical quest that provides even more single player depth. Get ready to further build up your strength, wisdom, and wealth as you continue on this journey. New characters include Amazon, Leprechaun, Minotaur, Sage, Sprite, and Vampire Hunter.

Boomerang Trail Review

Boomerang Trail Review

Jul 10, 2013

A game that easily makes its way to one’s heart is Boomerang Trail. I mean, it has boomerangs. It is a leveled game that  incorporates delightfully funky gameplay with cool graphics and special features.

Big secret: playing pieces are different types of — you guessed it — boomerangs! And that is only a small part of the allure.

Using a virtual pull-back motion to set course and guide flight, the boomerangs are released to make contact with (and collect) as many tokens as possible to get points. The pull back mechanism was interesting; it involves virtual lines that describe the proposed flight path. Keeping a finger on the pulled boomerang helps to manipulate the flight path to something preferable if need be, and this is key, as there are obstacles like rock trail1formations and trees that can interrupt the flight of the boomerang. The boomerangs travel and return in the elliptical orbit we all know and love, and the graphical representation is pretty well done, simple in presentation and easy to understand.

As the game progresses, the targets get tougher. Stationary tokens become mobile, and then some even disappear and reappear, creating hard targets. Thus, timing of release is a big part of the strategy. Also, cool new pieces like explosive boomerangs are added to the shooting arsenal, which allows for the removal of some obstacles.

To complete a level and move on, 70% of the tokens in that level must be collected before the supply of boomerangs is exhausted. Each level has a star system of scoring, with a tally three stars denoting perfection. The cool thing is that all levels are repeatable, so failed levels can be done over, and one can shoot for a better final star score.

the game has achievements to be earned, and these add a level of excitement to the gameplay.

All in all, goota give kudos to the developers for a simple yet engaging game that makes use of nice graphics and effective animations to encompass some inventive gameplay. My biggest gripe? Too short.

Did I say “boomerangs” yet?

Total Recoil Review

Total Recoil Review

May 29, 2013

Ah… every now and then, a game comes along and sucks you dead in the jaw. Total Recoil it’s one of those games, and it is chock full of lippy attitude. It’s an arcade shooter published by Thumbstar Games that brings to bear cool features, awesome graphics and raw gameplay.

The 3D environment is gorgeous. From jump, it is hard not to admire the succinct amalgam of motion and animation. From the very first explosion to the smooth rotation of the firing soldier, everything just worked. The environments are fun without being overly silly, and the graphic design reflects the arcade roots of the game. There is little to complain about with regards to the artwork.

Vin Diesel would adore the gameplay, because this action is fast and furious. As soon as the “play” button is tapped,total1 shooting and destruction starts. The dual control system is fairly intuitive, with one button guiding movement, and the other controlling the rotation of the perpetually shooting soldier. The action comes in a few different play modes, including wave, operations and basic challenges. One thing I especially like is the full-fledged tutorial that makes up a part of the game; it gives plenty of pointers with regards to the goals and activities.

At its core, a lot of the progress depends on successful wave defense and the defeat of the big bad bosses. As expected, it starts off fairly easy and gets harder. Destruction releases coinage that can be accrued to garner valuable upgrades. For those frothing at the mouth to go big even faster, in-app purchasing is available, though I didn’t find it to be necessary. Of course, it wouldn’t be an arcade sim without destruction-induced weapon upgrades, streak rewards, war birds, choppers and more.

All in all, it is a fantastic offering that is hard to put down. I enjoyed it immensely.