Humble Mobile Bundle 6 gets less humble: three new games added!

Humble Mobile Bundle 6 gets less humble: three new games added!

Aug 14, 2014

About a week ago the generous souls at Humble Bundle bought out another grab bag of six games.


Eliss Infinity
Mines of Mars
Duet Premium
Combo Crew: Special Edition
Threes! (reviewed by AR).

Now three new games have been added to the bundle for discerning gamers.

Carmageddon (reviewed by AR).
Llamas With Hats
Time Surfer (reviewed by yours truly.)

With three games available for a buck or less if you wish and all NINE available for the current (as of time of writing) average price of just $4.52, there is no excuse to not be on your phone 24/7. Show your Android pride and grab them now.

Always remember you can choose where your money goes including to the Child’s Play Charity. Give generously so sick kids can enjoy the gift of gaming as well.

Alternately, you can donate to the EFF who protect the rights of the everyman online. Regardless of who you give to you can’t go wrong with nine games for $4.52.

Time Surfer Gets Holiday Hills Update with New Game Mode and More!

Time Surfer Gets Holiday Hills Update with New Game Mode and More!

Dec 10, 2013

Guess what, it’s not just time for the holidays, but it’s also time for a Time Surfer update that celebrates this time of year. Time!

A new mode, The Holiday Hills, has players not just trying to survive the heat death of the universe, but also lots of presents floating through the sky! Thankfully, three new petsdesigned to help counteract the hazards, including a lump of coal known as the Anti-Present, are here to help survive the holidays and impending doom.


As well, the new mode comes with a Christmas-y remix of Derris-Kharlan’s fantastic theme, and several new players, including one of the balls from Kumobius’ Duet. The update is available now on Google Play.

Zombie Volcano Review

Zombie Volcano Review

Dec 9, 2013

Zombie Volcano reminds me of Time Surfer quite a lot, although its style is a lot different from that. The core gameplay is basically the same. There’s a zombie head that flies out from a mountain. The player needs to tap at the right moment, so it would go out with the most speed, and then control it, as it stone-skips across the shallow water. Actually, it shouldn’t do that, as going through water quickly drains its “fuel” reserves. To not lose them the head should bump from the little islands. Even better would be to bump into some sort of object, like a human, or cloud, or many other strange little objects in the world of Zombie Volcano – it’ll get a slight speed and fuel recharge.

If the head bumps into an ascending cliff, it’ll get an upward speed boost, and if it falls into a lava, it’ll also replenish its fuel. The farer the head flies, the less land there is, and the harder it is to not fall into water. There’s a way to make it a bit easier, though. There are special offerings that are picked up upon start, and work through the level. They can be set before the beginning, and are bought with the coins. The real world US coins, I mean. They can also be gotten from the game, but I still can’t understand how.

The control is performed by an astonishing one button. Actually, there aren’t any buttons.Zombie Volcano 2 Pressing anywhere will make the head gain a downward acceleration, and fall straight downwards, bumping into whatever is beneath it. The player should notice the incoming islands, or objects, and press the button at the right time.

Although the controls and the core mechanics are more than basic, and the graphics – quite primitive, Zombie Volcano doesn’t feel like a cheap game. On the contrary, it’s surprisingly addictive and enjoyable, and has a nice, simple design that’s pleasing the eye. It may have something to do with the fact that there’s a very nice 8-bit remix of Edvard Grieg’s “In the hall of the mountain king” playing in the background, but I thoroughly enjoyed this little adventure, and think that it’s a nice way to kill fifteen minutes here and there.

Time Surfer Review

Time Surfer Review

Oct 9, 2013

Like surfing? Forget surfing on water! Time Surfer features surfing on cosmic pathways, grinding on planets and more as an anonymous surfer takes one more ride before the inevitable end of the universe.

In Time Surfer, players control a surfer surfing though time and space. He movesScreenshot_2013-10-03-19-47-40 automatically but his velocity can be controled by tapping and holding to go faster as he travels downhill, just like a surfer riding a wave. Many gaps litter the surf and the idea is use this momentum to fling him though the course, clearing gaps and flying as fast as possible.

Also on the ride are aliens that can be bounced on for extra speed, zippers that when boosted over send the surfer zipping along and planets that can grinded on to go even faster. A huge part of the game is timing taps to go just fast enough to hit every speed boosting thing in a row without missing. Speed is also important, as the fiery doom of the end of the universe is a constant threat, looming just off the screen waiting to rush in and end the game. The longer the game lasts the faster it gets, until perfect play is needed to stay in the game.

Screenshot_2013-10-03-19-59-09Thankfully, Time Surfer makes this much easier by featuring the ability to rewind time. As your surfer zips along the cosmos, casually railing off homeworlds, a power bar for the ability slowly rises. At any time the game can be rewound for a few moments, up to a maximum of about three seconds. While this might not seem like much, it can give a second chance to clear a line of jumps or perfect a speed boost. The game becomes so fast and difficult later in a surf that using time abilities is all but required to survive.

Once you finish a surf, you gain experience and gems that are picked up during the game.Screenshot_2013-10-03-20-01-36 Experience unlocks new pets that can be equiped. These give players different abilities, from undoing one fall, to enhancing how fast speed boosts are. Gems can be spent on cosmetic upgrades as well, like different surfer appearances and effects. This adds a great sense of progression. A lot of the pets and items on offer are callbacks to other games or internet memes which only adds to the fun. In a happy exception to the rule, Time Surfer includes no form of IAP whatsoever, all unlockables are gained by simply becoming good enough at the game to use and take advantage of them.

Time Surfer looks fantastic. Using a clean pixel art style, the game’s trippy palette gives the journey a dreamy look and little touches like how the surfer blurs when he speeds up and the constantly changing backgrounds give the game a unique, interesting look that makes it beg to be played. It sounds fantastic too, with simple yet impressive effects and a number of awesome techno-ambient tracks that perfectly suit the game’s action.

Time Surfer is an excellent, great looking, great sounding funfest that is a steal for 99 cents. Play it today!

Time Surfer for Android Hands-On Video: Android Rundown Video of the Day

Time Surfer for Android Hands-On Video: Android Rundown Video of the Day

Sep 30, 2013

Time Surfer, Kumobius’ Braid-meets-TinyWings endless runner, finally makes its debut on Android as part of the Humble Mobile Bundle 2, and it’s featured in our Video of the Day.

Riding the waves of space while trying to avoid the heat death of the universe is tricky, but thankfully the ability to turn back time to try and correct mistakes makes the challenge more manageable. Cakes can be collected which can be used to buy new costumes, including distinct non-surfers like a Delorean-esque car and the protagonist from Mikey Shorts (which really needs to get on Android at some point), new surfing trails behind the character, and temporary boosts to help delay the end of the world.

Unlike many games that debut on Android, this is actually feature-identical with the iOS version, featuring The Kepler Run mode where black holes dot the landscape and require new strategies to deal with the unpredictability. Remember, they can be used not just to pull downward, but upward as well…

In this hands-on footage, I take you through the basics of the game and show off all three modes, including Hell and The Kepler Run.

Humble Mobile Bundle 2 for Android Includes Platform Debuts of Star Command and Time Surfer

The Humble Bundle returns to Android with the Humble Mobile Bundle 2. Unlike the Humble Bundles for Android, where the games generally come with PC versions along with the Android copies, this bundle focuses on mobile games exclusively. And the selection is rather interesting:

Star Command: This spaceship command game where players try to manage their ship and crew while trying to stay alive in the hostile reaches of space, with Martians as well, is somewhat notorious for being one of the first Kickstarter controversies. The game initially blew through its first Kickstarter budget quickly, trying to fulfill physical rewards and buying new equipment, running a second Kickstarter and eventually saying that the game felt like it was perhaps a fraction of what the original vision was. Well, with the game making its Android debut after its iOS launch earlier this year, now players can judge if it’s any good! This is the game’s Android debut prior to releasing on Google Play.


Time Surfer: Another game making its debut on Android in this bundle, Kumobius (known for Bean’s Quest) is a time-travelling take on Tiny Wings. Players try to ride the curves of a path in space, avoiding hazards and keeping up their speed so as to avoid the heat death of the universe. Thankfully, mistakes can be corrected via the ability ro reverse time, but it’s a limited ability, so it can’t correct all mistakes!


Punch Quest: Madgarden and Rocketcat Games’ endless puncher is part of this bundle as well, but in a slightly different form: the game has been tweaked to play without in-app purchases, so punchos are handed out more often and many items are cheaper.


Bloons TD 5: The popular tower defense series’ latest full entry is part of this bundle. It starts off as a fairly traditional tower defense game, sure. Just wait until later on when the action gets so heavy that the framerate dips until where single frames occur every other second. I say that in the best of ways – that’s how packed and intense the action can get!


Ravensword: Shadowlands: Crescent Moon Games’ open-world RPG built for mobile is available for those who pay above the average. Fans of the Elder Scrolls series would do well to check out this massive and visually-stunning adventure.


Carmageddon: The classic vehicular rampage racing game has been revived for mobile, and those who pay above the average can take part in the mayhem.


The bundle runs until Wednesday, October 9th. It’s quite possible that more games will be added in soon, so stay tuned: this bundle could be getting bigger!