Tiny Tennis Review

Tiny Tennis Review

Jun 10, 2014

Tennis games are a fairly rare sight on Android. Is Tiny Tennis worth making a racket about?

Screenshot_2014-06-02-10-10-58Tiny Tennis features rather one trick gameplay. The player takes the role of a cute pixel tennis player who must survive a rain of both tennis balls and water bottles in a bid to set the highest score possible. Besides points from returning the ball hits increment a multiplier that doubles or triples points scored and so on. Various medals can also be earned during gameplay.

Doing so is rather difficult however. Some rather imprecise controls and a frantic pace make even returning the ball a tough job in Tiny Tennis. Even after a bit of practice, the slightest mistake will end the game and it never really feels like the player is fully in control. Super difficult games can be good, after all Flappy Bird took the world by storm, but Tiny Tennis just doesn’t have enough variation or personality to be interesting.

Indeed water bottle avoidance is the only wrinkle thrown into this rather shallow avoidance game. The only scoring is balls hit and the player never wins the game or encounters other opponents. Evolving gameplay is important for endless games like this to remain compelling and Tiny Tennis fails in this regard.

Screenshot_2014-06-02-10-29-20At least the game looks nice enough. The cute pixel feel of the game will likely be very familiar to mobile gamers who enjoy Nimblebit games. The sound effects get the job done and there is a small amount of inoffensive music. There are certainly worse looking mobile games.

Unfortunately, any fun that could have been gleaned from Tiny Tennis is all but thrown out the window by the abundance of ads in the game. After every game, a full screen advert pops up that must be dismissed.

Another problem with Tiny Tennis is that the replay value is extremely limited. Since the gameplay doesn’t really change from one game to another and learning to play the game is made annoying by the adverts there is just little reason to play Tiny Tennis for very long.

Tiny Tennis is decent as a timewaster, but its longevity is a problem. Its adverts and limited gameplay make it a game best avoided.