Tiny Tower Vegas Review

Tiny Tower Vegas Review

Sep 4, 2014

Tiny Tower Vegas might have a different name but it feels very similar to the first Tiny Tower. In the original Tiny Tower the player slowly built a huge tower with dozens of floors. Each floor could be either a business or a residential floor.

Residential floors held the tower’s population and businesses made the player money. Staffing each business with employees with matching skills boosted profits and restocking floors and selling items worked on a familiar freemium basis.

Screenshot_2014-09-03-19-31-42Tiny Tower Vegas is pretty much the same gameplay, except with a cool Vegas theme, added minigames and other tweaks. Some floors, like slot machines, feature neat minigames that can be played to earn a large amount of extra bux. This is a great feature. The games are fun and the player wins often. TTV is very generous indeed with its bux to the point where they barely even feel like premium currency. Besides the coins and bux from the first game, a new currency, “chips” makes an appearance. These are mostly used to play casino games, although players get free spins now and then as well.

Other than that TTV is still Tiny Tower. The core gameplay is very similar and just as addictive and satisfying.

Tiny Tower Vegas has a few changes that fans might not be happy with. It costs money now to place bitizens in jobs. High skilled bitizens cost 1000 coins or more to place, which is just as annoying as it sounds. At the start of the game much time is spent just waiting for cash to tick up to place bitizens in useful businesses. This is not fun and was not the case in the original and slows down money gain. Floors earn a lot of coins though so it’s easy enough to make this money back rather fast.

Screenshot_2014-09-03-18-03-46New floors also cost an insane amount of coins. In the original game it took quite a while before building floors became expensive. In Tiny Tower Vegas floor three costs 10,000 coins, rather than the 1,350 it cost in the original game. Floor eight costs 48,000 and these costs balloon very quickly until it takes days to build new floors, which will happen sooner rather than later.

The game also has a lot of ways to drain the player’s bux to balance out how much it hands over. For example, floor upgrades which are required so floors don’t run out of stock in minutes get over 200 bux very quickly.

It is also just as annoying as ever to place bitizens in hotel floors. Unless the player ponies up bux, the only way is with the inching, creeping slow elevator. Still, the game supplies plenty of bux so this isn’t really a problem.

Tiny Tower Vegas, with its high floor costs and irritating money sinks isn’t quite as good as its predecessor. While the new casino games are fun and the game certainly looks and sounds good it still pales somewhat to the excellent original. Worth a look though.

NimbleBit to Debut New Game Tiny Tower Vegas on August 28th

NimbleBit to Debut New Game Tiny Tower Vegas on August 28th

Aug 26, 2014

NimbleBit is bringing a new flavor of its hit title Tiny Tower to Android; Tiny Tower Vegas is primed for release.

This follows reports we made regarding NimbleBit’s Ian Marsh tweeting pics of the game back in April.

Tiny Tower is a fun game that has players monitor the lives of virtual people (bitizens) as they go about life and commerce in a 2D building; the overriding goal is to guide and facilitate the accumulation of game cash that can be used to build more floors and gain more bitizens. We had an opportunity to review the Android version of the original way back in 2011, and were mostly impressed by the gameplay and deliciously retro graphics. The new game is clearly based in Sin City, so the action should have a fun furtive feel to it.

No word yet on whether or not any more Tiny Tower-themed titles are on the way to Android.

The new title will be available on the Play Store on August 28th, 2014. The game trailer is below.

NimbleBit’s Next Game: Tiny Tower Vegas?

NimbleBit’s Next Game: Tiny Tower Vegas?

Apr 30, 2014

Ian Marsh of NimbleBit, creators of Tiny Tower, Pocket Frogs, and more, has been tweeting out screens from a game called Tiny Tower Vegas. It appears that this is a casino version of Tiny Tower, featuring casino games for players to spend their coins on. Oh, and BitBook is back. Details are limited beyond what’s been publicly revealed, but we’ll have more on this as it is revealed.