Tap Tap Meteorite Makes it Way to Google Play Store

Tap Tap Meteorite Makes it Way to Google Play Store

Aug 28, 2014

Tap Tap Meteorite has just been released on Android, the fruit of three months of development. The Unity engine-based game is a tap-defense adventure that asks the player to defend his universe by destroying meteors.

From the press release:

In Tap Tap Meteorite the player protects the planets of our solar system, which are facing total destruction from crashing meteorites. It is the player’s job to destroy the never-ending waves of meteorites before they hit and demolish the planets.

With beautiful cartoon graphics, Tap Tap Meteorite features 10 different power ups, 4 unique planets (each with their own difficulty and secrets), global leaderboards, achievements and 2 different game modes. Protect Mercury, Earth and Mars from annihilation or relax playing Venus, the featured zen planet.

Tap Tap Meteorite creator Todd Hayes enjoyed making the game. “I had a blast developing the game, and so did the rest of the team,” he says. “There are tons of games out on the Play Store that have the user tap their screen to get a high score, so my game isn’t a new concept, but I do think it is unique.”

To make sure the game stands out, Hayes collaborated with an animator, a sound engineer and an artist to streamline production. Hayes also promises more levels (planets) depending on how the game does on the Play Store.

The game is truly free, with no in-app purchases at all. It is available for download here.

The game trailer is below.