To-Fu 2 Review

To-Fu 2 Review

Sep 28, 2012

To-Fu 2 is one of those games that’s a little off the wall. I mean seriously, who dreams up with the main character is a hunk of tofu who knows kung fu… Kinda. It would be more of an Angry Birds style if it were to be classified as a style.

The game starts out fairly simple on the first couple of levels. It’s not a tutorial but getting the hang of basic movements is what’s needed to get to the levels. The thing to watch out for are the spikes. If the spikes are touched at all the little kung fu hero dies. By stretching the tofu superhero and letting go is flung across an opening until he reaches a wall or another surface to stick to. This is what’s called a ping. There is also a super pain which lets the tofu fly through objects.

The object is to get to the end of the level and crack the pink fortune kitty with as few pings as possible. There’s a set number of pings apparently possible to complete the level. Some levels this seems pretty difficult to complete in the number of pings they suggest. Some levels have metal areas allowing the kung fu knowing tofu to ricochet off of. When using the metal to ricochet, it’s a matter of getting it just right. If a metal slab isn’t hit precisely, it will take more pings to get to the end.

To practice, there’s a dojo. The dojo is a room with walls in the ceiling. Both have metal spots on them to practice ricocheting and get used to the physics of the game.

Another option is a game is the time trial mode. In the time trial the goal is to collect as many of the little blue balls as possible. The little blue balls are Chi.