The Top 10 KickStarter Spotlights of 2013

The Top 10 KickStarter Spotlights of 2013

Jan 1, 2014

It’s the end of the year and everyone knows what that means: Top Ten Lists. There are lists for every possible subject, and I figured that it was only appropriate if I looked back and chose ten of my favorite KickStarter projects. All of these projects were successfully funded, and were just a handful of the great KickStarter projects that I had the pleasure of choosing from during 2013. So, as they say, theres no better place to start than the beginning.

10 – Holho

Who would not want to be able to display a full on hologram on their tablet or phone. That was the thought behind this project that uses a prism to combine multiple images to render the appearance of a three dimensional object. I was excited for this project, and even though it is still in development the project is still highly anticipated.

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Holho website

9 – Pixel Kingdom

Is there anything better then being the supreme commander of a pixel army? Not much that I can think of. A standout in a myriad of pixel-art games this year, this game went on to achieve great things on the Play Store, and currently has an average rating of 4.5/5.

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Pixel Kingdom on the Google Play Store

8 – RK-1


After slaying digital foes becomes too mundane, maybe the urge to play with something more physical will surface. When I first saw the RK-1 arduino robot kit I was very intrigued about the potential of this project, both in the personal and classroom applications. There are not many better ways to get young children excited about engineering than by using robots. Add in the ease of use and DIY nature of the kit made this a great KickStarter project. However, since this project was funded in June there still has not been much activity from the developers other than pre-orders on their website.

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RK-1 Website

7 – Pixel Press


This project was cool. Imagine being able to design and create a platformer on the fly by simply drawing the level out on a piece of graph paper. This is then scanned into the game and a playable level is created instantly. I loved the ambition of the project, but has concerns about the practicality and marketability of the project. The Pixel Press has been quiet since gaining funding, but there have been multiple demos at schools and other public places which indicates the project is coming along.

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Pixel Press Website

6 – Beast Grip


Initially this project seemed kind of silly. Here was a giant contraption that a phone was to be wedged into in order for lenses or other professional camera equipment to be attached. It seemed to me that just buying a real camera would be less of a hassle. The more I thought about it, though, the idea is actually genius. With all the crazy advancements in phone camera sensors the only thing really holding them back is the lack of full quality lenses. The project was fully funded in early November and pre-orders are still being accepted until March 2014.

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Beast Grip Website

5 – The Dead Flowers Case


I realize this list has been entirely devoid of the many games that were covered this year, and I do not really have a concrete reason for that. One thing I can say, however, is that the developers at Mondo Production blew me away with their initial concept for the Dead Flowers Case. This game has a rock solid art direction and overlays that on proven and popular gameplay. Being one of the more recent Spotlight’s this game is still in development and is anxiously awaited by many.

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The Dead Flowers Case Website

4 – BBiQ


Barbecuing is the All-American pastime, and unfortunately, it involves cooking which can be a frustrating endeavor. Luckily this little project popped up on KickStarter earlier this year, and it aimed to take out some of the pain involved in making the perfect steaks. Using a grill-side device with a thermometer probe, the BBiQ communicates with a smartphone; sending alerts when the desired temperature is reached. The app also is the database for ideal temperatures for different meats as well as a place for user-submitted recipes. The project is still under development after being successfully funded, and I am sure there are plenty of people anxiously awaiting its arrival.

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BBiQ Website

3 – Chipolo


This project was exciting to me almost specifically because I am amazingly incapable of keeping track of anything. These little pucks communicate with a smartphone and are able to keep track of the location of any object; even going so far as to display the last recorded GPS location if, say, your keys were left at a bar. The project was, obviously, successfully funded and is now for sale with a February delivery date.

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Chipolo Website

2 – The Catchall


The most recent addition to this list, I just did this project a few weeks ago, and I am more excited about a simple wooden stand than I probably should. The beauty of this project is it’s simplicity and the fact that, unlike a few projects on this list, it is very reasonably priced. As I mentioned above, I have a hard time keeping track of my phone and wallet so this bedside stand should go a long way in helping with that.

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The Catchall KickStarter Page

1 – The Barman


The Barman, a simple way to make the perfect mixed drink, as well as share concoctions with friends around the world. Need I say more?

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The Barman Website

What’s the Most Powerful Android Phone Available, According to 11 Bit Studios’ Anomaly 2 Benchmark App?

What’s the Most Powerful Android Phone Available, According to 11 Bit Studios’ Anomaly 2 Benchmark App?

Sep 26, 2013

11 Bit Studios decided to put the engine of Anomaly 2 to good use, and released a benchmarking module to check how different mobile devices rank up against others. The results are interesting, if not too surprising, with Samsung Galaxy 4 proudly topping the cake of top 10 results. Info-graphics, values, and other results can be viewed here: Anomaly 2 Benchmark on 11 Bit Studios Official Website. The benchmarking module itself can be downloaded from here: Anomaly 2 Benchmark on Google Play