OrmosApps Brings Terra Tank to Google Play

OrmosApps Brings Terra Tank to Google Play

Feb 23, 2017

Terra Tank is a fun-looking new entry on Google Play.

This one looks to be a multi-directional shooter presented in top-down fashion; the player takes on waves and waves of enemies intent on destroying the space tank you command. It is leveled, and presents several types of entities to take on and defend against.

Avoid the baddies, and collect the collectibles. Pretty simple to grasp.

Checking out the the gameplay clip reveals glitzy graphics and poppy animations.

per the presser:

Terra Tank is an innovative top-down shooter set in outer space with high-end graphics and fresh game mechanics. The mission is simple: collect fuel to power your leaking rocket before alien creatures destroy your tank. Every second counts.

Terra Tank is available now, and costs $0.99. Check out the trailer below:

Tank Battles Review

Tank Battles Review

Nov 27, 2013

Tank Battles by Gameloft is a unique tank combat game featuring plenty of ricocheting shells and powerups. But is it worth playing?

Tank Battles plays rather a lot like the Classic game Combat for the Atari 2600. Players take control of a small tank and trundle around an arena while trying to blast enemy tanks into tiny pieces. The areas are very enclosed and there are plenty of corners and choke points. Luckily tank shells can bounce off walls and around corners, making it easy to peg an enemy camping a corner. Many upgrades and extra weapons are on offer to blow enemies away, like rockets, mines and just plain larger tank cannons.

Screenshot_2013-11-25-20-03-49The combat in Tank Battles is quite fun; the tense shoot or be shot gameplay makes battles an absorbing affair. The action takes place in a selection of tight areas with plenty of cover and destroyable objects. Destroying enemies and the scenery reveals coins that can be collected. These coins are used to purchase upgrades and weapons.

Tank Battle’s combat revolves around avoiding shots and counter attacking. Shells that collide are both destroyed, so it’s an easy matter to halt an enemy’s attack and counter before they can shoot again. Most tanks can only take a few shots before they’re destroyed so good dodging is the name of the game.

The campaign missions are enjoyable enough; most of them pit the player against a number of enemies and defences like turrets. Tank Battle uses a star ranking system that will be familiar to anyone who’s played the likes of Angry Birds. Each star is gained by completing an optional objective such as not being hit or using certain weapons to destroy enemies.

Screenshot_2013-11-23-02-11-40Remarkably for a freemium game there are no timers of any sort in Tank Battles. Campaign missions and multiplayer matches can be played at any time and losing a battle incurs no penalties.

Unfortunately Tank Battles is broken when it comes to online play. The game suffers from constant server lag and this affects game control. There is about a 2 second gap between moving your tank and it actually moving. Firing is similarly delayed and this makes multiplayer nigh on unplayable. Every battle I was in descended into a chaotic scrum where everyone drove into walls and lagged around.

Tank Battles isn’t anything to write home about graphically. Tanks are mostly nondescript boxes and weapon effects looks like something out of the early 2000s. Only the anime-style characters in the campaign are interesting to look at. The sound is a bit of a dud too, with unimpressive weapon sounds and generic music.

Tank Battles has a few major problems that take the shine off of the game, but it still is good enough for free. The very buggy multiplayer and lackluster presentation let it down, but the game is still worth a look for tank aficionados.