Braveland Review

Braveland Review

May 14, 2014

Your village has been attacked, and now its time to gain control back for your people.

A turn-based RPG, Braveland puts players in the role of a warrior’s son as he attempts to build an army of his own by traveling through the world. Players build up their army during their journey by meeting new warriors on their path, or stopping at taverns and hiring mercenaries to join your quest. The game features over 25 different types of characters that can potentially join your armor, allowing players to build up the best army possible for their specific fighting style.

The turn-based fighting system plays similar to that of the classic Heroes of Might & Magic games of the 90s and 2000s, with a hex grid to show movement range and the option to either fight, defend or wait. Your hero can even learn spells a la Might & Magic to cast in battle.

The game allows players to get the hang of battle early on by not making the fights too difficult. As you continue throughout, however, the fights become a bit more difficult, and require players to actually formulate a strategy based on how the opponent is playing. That being said, with no major penalty for death in battle, aside from losing gold, taking a trial and error approach to the later fights really didn’t have much of an impact on the game. In fact, it simply made a short game a bit longer.

Braveland follows a set of linear paths that, with the exception of a few instances for different bonuses, rarely branch out. You march along a path, fight battles, fight bosses and repeat. It’s a very straight forward, and restrictive, process that could turn off players who prefer non-linear gameplay.

Still, despite the linear story and no major challenge, Braveland is a fun game during the first run-through. While the want for more variety with how the game plays is there, the game remains enjoyable throughout, and can result in you getting lost in time no matter your experience with turn-based strategy titles.