Total Conquest Update Brings Forth Mythical Beasts

Total Conquest Update Brings Forth Mythical Beasts

May 29, 2014

Gameloft has released the latest content update for Total Conquest, their empire-building game reminiscent of Clash of Clans. Now, players can summon divine mythical monsters in the War God’s Wrath update. As well, there’s new characters and potions to help get the upper hand on the world. Check out a trailer for the update below.

Total Conquest Review

Total Conquest Review

Oct 4, 2013

Ever wanted to build a charming Roman village from the ground up, build a thriving economy and then shatter the peace by recruiting a huge army to crush friends and rivals, then look no further than Total Conquest, a new game from Gameloft where aspiring generals can do just that.

In Total Conquest the player starts off with a Town Hall and not much else. From there villas are constructed Screenshot_2013-09-27-19-39-00to generate gold and farms are planted to generate food. Each building can be upgraded multiple times. Temples can be raised to gain blessings from the gods, bestowing faster or stronger attacks and players can also build a bunker like Militia building which garrisons troops in case of attack.

Once players have nurtured a solid economy, a barracks can be constructed to train an army and Muster Fields to hold them. As upgrades are added, stronger soldiers can be fielded. Initially only Rome’s famous Legionaries can be trained but eventually archers, axemen, siege equipment, trap avoiding assassins and even medics can be trained, adding more strategic wrinkles. There are also various defences available to protect the village, such as towers and catapults.

Once the village is humming along and a bunch of tough as nails troops are trained, it’s time for combat.

Screenshot_2013-09-28-22-01-06Combat in Total Conquest is exceedingly simple, but deceptively strategic. Only troops trained and ready in the village can be used on the battlefield. Once a soldier is deployed they can no longer be controlled. They will march to the nearest enemy unit or building and begin to attack.

Care is needed where forces are deployed, otherwise they might spend their time hacking through a wall or attacking a building, while a nearby guard tower tears them to pieces because they weren’t close enough. Each soldier type has a different priority in what they’ll target first as well, further complicating matters.

Total Conquest features a single player campaign where players work through a number of increasingly hard battles. None of these are all that challenging with a bit of thought. The real challenges are found in multiplayer.

Players can pay a small fee in gold to be matched up with a random enemy. Winning battles against humans nets you Glory, which is used to rank players on online leaderboard. Players can also form Legions. Legions can gift resources and also provide reinforcements to members during defensive combat.

Total Conquest looks and sounds great. Cartoony soldiers and excellent animations give theScreenshot_2013-09-27-21-30-33 game a very highly polished look. Soundwise, the game features some rousing music and all the combat bangs and smashes you’d expect.

Total Conquest also has some serious longevity. The game keeps serving up new units and structures constantly and power and experience is gained very quickly, giving a pleasing sense of progression. While the game has quite a lot of in app purchases, none of them are required to enjoy the game.Premium currency can be obtained by leveling up and by completing in game achievements.

All up Total Conquest is a steaming bowl of city builder with a meaty slice of strategic combat on the side. Heaps of fun, it is sure to be a tasty treat for any RTS fan.