Total Recoil Review

Total Recoil Review

May 29, 2013

Ah… every now and then, a game comes along and sucks you dead in the jaw. Total Recoil it’s one of those games, and it is chock full of lippy attitude. It’s an arcade shooter published by Thumbstar Games that brings to bear cool features, awesome graphics and raw gameplay.

The 3D environment is gorgeous. From jump, it is hard not to admire the succinct amalgam of motion and animation. From the very first explosion to the smooth rotation of the firing soldier, everything just worked. The environments are fun without being overly silly, and the graphic design reflects the arcade roots of the game. There is little to complain about with regards to the artwork.

Vin Diesel would adore the gameplay, because this action is fast and furious. As soon as the “play” button is tapped,total1 shooting and destruction starts. The dual control system is fairly intuitive, with one button guiding movement, and the other controlling the rotation of the perpetually shooting soldier. The action comes in a few different play modes, including wave, operations and basic challenges. One thing I especially like is the full-fledged tutorial that makes up a part of the game; it gives plenty of pointers with regards to the goals and activities.

At its core, a lot of the progress depends on successful wave defense and the defeat of the big bad bosses. As expected, it starts off fairly easy and gets harder. Destruction releases coinage that can be accrued to garner valuable upgrades. For those frothing at the mouth to go big even faster, in-app purchasing is available, though I didn’t find it to be necessary. Of course, it wouldn’t be an arcade sim without destruction-induced weapon upgrades, streak rewards, war birds, choppers and more.

All in all, it is a fantastic offering that is hard to put down. I enjoyed it immensely.