No Brakes Review

No Brakes Review

Jul 14, 2014

No Brakes is a racing game with a twist.

The developer should be commended for simplicity; the gameplay rolls intuitively and needs little by the way of tutorials. The 2D rendering of the raceway works with the top-down view, and the color scheme does tweak the senses a bit. It’s a car racing game, but the unique element is that this is a self-contained race against time, and a, well, speed trial is at stake.

The car is a simple, smiley box that moves along the mostly windy game roads. It is controlled by two buttons, oneno1 that maneuvers it left and one right; otherwise, the car moves forward perpetually. Thus, keeping a finger on the left button will keep the car turning in a forward manner, even as far as going in the opposite direction and beyond, unless it comes in contact with the sides of the road. In other words, getting the car to go generally means using the left and right controls to continually correct and re-correct the path along the road without touching the sides of the raceway. Oh yeah… there aren’t any brakes.

The race areas are generally windy, but not too difficult; one isn’t penalized for going in any direction, because speed is the name of the game. The longer the car travels without going out of bounds, the higher its top speed gets. It’s this top speed that serves as the main bragging rights, so in essence, as the game goes on (and the longer one lasts), the faster the vehicle goes, which leads to higher high scores.

As noted earlier, it’s the simplicity which sets this game apart. I liked the simple touches, such as the changing background visuals when benchmarks or touched. The music oscillated between cheery and borderline annoying for me, and i also think the game could use some more play modes.

For a game that gets straight to the gameplay and encourages quick retries, this game is tough to beat, and is at the very least a very enjoyable time waster.