TouchMix FX Review

TouchMix FX Review

Sep 12, 2012

Trends come and go. Something is hot today, and inexplicably ignored tomorrow.

Make no mistakes about: DJs are always cool. From Cousin John who did weddings and was paid in reception beverages to platinum plaque-garnering producers like Dr Dre, dexterity on the ones and twos is interwoven in our culture.

Gamevil’s TouchMx FX twists production and heart pumping arcade-style gameplay and creates a tidy package for the fingers. Coming in at under 50MB, it shows that good things can come in small packages. It also gave me an opportunity to be the beatmaster I so dearly craved to be.

I found the game easy to understand; anyone who has unwittingly burned calories playing Dance Dance Revolution will have an idea as to how to play this game, excep fingers do the walking. I used both hands to tap vertically dropping bars and/or circle, matching taps to the beat. When I tapped them at the right moment, I was greeted by a grade of sorts; “Perfect” was what I wanted, though I was way happier to see a “Good” than the ominous “Fail.” And, I have to tell ya: the game favors people with nimble fingers. And just in case lines don’t work visually, I was able to pick circles for the visual cues.

An additional fun component is the Quest List, which is a staple of any arcade-like game. Achievements are garnered by streaks and such. In the Settings panel, I found options for sounds, sync control and even graphics.

TouchMix is an engaging game, but I suspect its simplicity could become monotonous for some. An expansion of the genre of music is something I would also like, but really, techno is almost a must-have for a game like this.

I’m high on TouchMix FX because it tackles the difficult job of creating a mobile game that can be enjoyed across generations. It’s a game that is able to wrap up most of the senses, and I found it hard to ignore its challenge.

Have You Tried Any of Gamevil’s 3 New Releases?

Have You Tried Any of Gamevil’s 3 New Releases?

Dec 30, 2010

Last week, premier mobile game publisher Gamevil released three new games into the Android Market. You may remember Gamevil from our Soccer Superstars review or any of their other hit games such as Baseball Superstars 2010 or Zenonia. Anime/RPG style gaming seems to permeate through Gamevil’s titles and it’s safe to say that it’s their forte. Gamevil titles are also very feature rich and run extremely smooth (In my experience). I have yet to try any of the new titles but wanted to make sure everyone was at least aware of their availability. Below you will find the titles, a brief description, and any necessary links. I know the holidays can be extremely busy times so if you missed it, here they are: