TowerMadness 2 Adds in Much-Requested Endless Mode

One of the most-requested features of TowerMadness 2 has been an endless mode, as I saw in a stream I did with the developers. Present in the original, the sequel launched without it. Now, Limbic Software has soothed the savage beasts by releasing the 1.2 update for TowerMadness 2, adding in the endless mode. Tap the star icon on a level to switch to an infinity icon, and then play until it’s not possible to play any more! Get high scores, and show friends that there is one person who has the Tower Madness: and it is you. The update is available on Google Play.

TowerMadness 2 Review

TowerMadness 2 Review

Jan 31, 2014

TowerMadness 2 is perhaps not the most innovative tower defense game of all-time, but it’s a solid effort.

Really, standard open-field tower defense rules apply: there’s towers with different ranges and effects, they can be upgraded to do more damage, or sold if not part of a good strategy any more. Success is based on whether players kept the aliens from getting in and taking too many sheep through a star system, with Invasion Mode, where waves come in faster, offering a fourth star. Players can also send in waves faster themselves to get faster times for the leaderboards.

Mixing things up from the original, this boasts a tower upgrade system, a limited number of towers that can be sent into battle, and Bo, a ram who will keep the aliens at bay when one of them gets into the sheep pen. The game is $2.99 and has wool, a currency for upgrades, but the game gives away decent amounts of it, has a doubler for $1.99, and offers up 400 wool for watching a short video. It’s not a bad deal, and the upgrades largely just add longer upgrade trees. They do help, but they’re not an overwhelming feature.

TowerMadness 2 does one technical feature in a way that other games have no excuse to do: on a device with no physical buttons like the Nexus phones, the navigation keys are sent away, thus allowing the entire phone display to be used. That few if any other games do this when it’s a supported feature (at least on Android 4.4 KitKat) is baffling because it’s fantastic. Just swipe in from the top or right edge to bring back the notification bar and nav keys.

TM2 - Gameplay 1

Another interesting technical feature is the addition of gamepad support. For a tower defense game, it seems like an odd addition, but really, it’s great: the ability to move around the board with the d-pad is well-made to where I like playing this way rather than touch because it feels more accurate and deliberate this way. It just feels good.

Really, that’s the best way to sum up TowerMadness 2: it just feels good. It has its own tower defense quirks, if not anything too revolutionary, but it’s just a solid game of tower defense.

Android Rundown Live Recap: TowerMadness 2, Dawn of the Plow High Score Chase, and Lots of Cats!

Android Rundown Live Recap: TowerMadness 2, Dawn of the Plow High Score Chase, and Lots of Cats!

Jan 30, 2014

Wednesday, January 29th, was a busy day on the streams for us at Android Rundown. Check out all the interesting video below.

It wasn’t technically an Android Rundown stream, but over on 148Apps’ Twitch channel, I played cross-platform release TowerMadness 2 with Limbic Software’s Arash Keshmirian and got some juicy info on the game’s creation and strategies to master it. And I did it while playing the Android version, too. Don’t tell the iOS fans! Click here to watch the whole show or watch the highlights below:

The first level that proved to be a real hindrance was 1-7, Double Cross. After a few attempts, I got some helpful advice from Arash to try and topple the alien menace:

After beating a few challenging levels in a row, I was feeling confident, so Arash challenged me to tackle Invasion mode on level 1-9, Serpentine:

Over on the Android side of things, we did two streams on the Android Rundown Twitch channel on Wednesday.

After the developer of Dawn of the Plow taunted me on Twitter with his ridiculous high score, I decided to hop on Twitch to try and beat his high score. Watch my whole attempt here or watch the highlight of my attempts below:

Finally, I streamed a few releases of recent vintage, in alphabetical order. Watch the entire Bad Hotel, Cat Basket, and Double Dragon Trilogy stream here or watch the individual footage of each game below.

Bad Hotel: Protect a hotel from birds that carry bombs by building up new sections and armed defenses in a haphazard way that’s got to violate at least a few building codes, if not laws!

Cat Basket: The world’s foremost cat lady simulator. Catch cats while trying to knock away dogs, because forget dogs.

Double Dragon Trilogy: I decided to tackle Double Dragon 2 because I thought I knew it from back on the NES. I was dead wrong, as I died many times. On the easiest difficulty.

As always, follow us on Twitch to find out when we go live next!

Android Rundown Live on Twitch: Watch Footage of TowerMadness 2, Deus Ex: The Fall, Delver, and More!

Android Rundown Live on Twitch: Watch Footage of TowerMadness 2, Deus Ex: The Fall, Delver, and More!

Jan 27, 2014

On Friday, we had our lengthiest Android Rundown Live stream yet on Twitch, playing 5 different Android games both new and of recent vintage. Missed the show? Click here to watch the whole thing live.

As well, here are the individual games played on the show:

TowerMadness 2: Limbic surprisingly unleashed a followup to their tower defense game, which saw release very recently on Android. I go through the early stages of the game, discussing how games with in-app currencies can be defined by how much the game is willing to give them out.

Watch the TowerMadness 2 Footage Here.

TowerMadness 2 2

Deus Ex: The Fall: After a failure to launch on Thursday’s stream (click here to watch Thursday’s stream), a switch from ART to Dalvik runtimes allowed the game to actually run. The setup to the story and how to play the game are shown and discussed. We’ll likely return to this one this week on the streams…

Watch the Deus Ex: The Fall Footage Here.

Bit Dungeon: This roguelike plays like a cross between The Legend of Zelda and The Binding of Isaac, but with touch controls. After a run on Thursday, Friday I take another go at it – and learn how the touch controls actually work.

Watch the Bit Dungeon Footage Here.

Delver: The roguelike fun continues with this first-person dungeon crawler, where I go from being a fumbling mess to a reasonably-competent crawler of dungeons…but a stunning twist may ruin the fun.

Watch the Delver Footage Here.

Super Crossfire HD: We close things out with a run through the extra-difficult Dark Mode in this side-swapping shoot ’em up.

Watch the Super Crossfire HD Footage Here.

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