Tractor Trails Review

Tractor Trails Review

Nov 27, 2012

Tractor Trails shows that even farm equipment without brakes can be useful, and seeding land has never been more fun.

The unassuming game hails from Origin8 Technologies Ltd, and made me the the helper of Red the brakeless tractor, and Chuck the duck (I think) We were tasked with seeding differing plots of land in an arborist’s dream. In imbibing graphics and challenging landscapes into the gameplay, the developer was able to prevent Tractor Trails from being Just Another Puzzle Game.

Using my hand, I had to guide Red with my finger as quickly as possible over the land to plant the trees. But the kicker is that I had to do it quickly, and do it without running into existing or new trees. Adding to the challenge was the need to do it quickly; every level had a time split. Meeting it gave me the opportunity to get the three-star worthy “Perfect” tag. Basically, figuring out the best path, and doing it quickly gave me the highest scores. Being less than perfect gave me less stars.

While completing the tree-planting puzzles, I was able to collect corn. Corn was gold (literally) in this game, as I could use corn to upgrade my planting machine. I also found out that I could use the golden kernels to glean hints when I could not advance.

The animations were cute; even weather elements made appearances, and I thought fit the game. In-app purchasing is available, and any purchase kills the ads on the game. This was good, as the ads might be off-putting for some. On the other hand, I was able to make reasonable progress without them. I thought the idea of a profile that kept count of stuff like my high score, corn recovered and even how many birds we had scared was whimsically interesting.

The game also had a toggle-able HD option, and yes, I did notice the difference.

My biggest gripe is that even with the variation, monotony might set in; the gameplay will either really intrigue, or probably not keep one’s interest.

All in all, Tractor Trails put the fun back in saving the planet. At the very least, it will have you appreciating nature; expect to be engaged, as the game boasts 130 levels that increase in difficulty.