Free App Recap January 3 – Travel Apps

Free App Recap January 3 – Travel Apps

Jan 3, 2013

The turn of the year always makes people look back over the previous year and see what they didn’t accomplish. This makes people want to strive for a better year, at least for about a month anyway. Part of many New Years resolutions are to travel. While picking out the location can be a challenge in itself, so can actually planning the trip and making all of the arrangements. This is what this week’s Free App Recap is all about, Travel apps.


TripAdvisor gives you a real world opinion when planning your trip. Be it the hotel to be booked at or the restaurants along the way. The opinions are from people who have already experienced these things and were kind enough to share their thoughts. A wide variety of different categories are available to search such as:

  • Hotels
  • Flights
  • Restaurants
  • and Things to do

Another great resource TripAdvisor gives is the forums where any specific travel related question can be asked and answered.

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KAYAK is more of a trip planner. When a trip is in the works, KAYAK lets the information be gathered all in one spot. Everything from comparing flight costs to tracking the flight times to finding a well priced hotel. A lot of little things KAYAK offers make travel easier like the layouts of the major airports. Knowledge is a great thing when traveling.

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Taking a road trip can either be a lot of fun or it can go the way of the Griswold family vacations. RoadNinja is aiming to make it road trips more fun. Their goal is to let travelers know about all of those great places off the beaten path like restaurants and attractions. They achieve this using the power of Foursquare to tap into where locals are checking in and what they are commenting on. Going along the highway, RoadNinja can look at the coming exits and show what they offer. Another nice feature is being able to see promotions available at upcoming stops.

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