Trial Xtreme 3 Review

Trial Xtreme 3 Review

Jan 10, 2013

Trial Xtreme 3 is a motorcycle racing adventure from Demedya that matches fun, competitive gameplay to intense graphics and social connectivity.

Yes, we have seen iterations of the game before, Trial Xtreme 2 was a fun game we reviewed before.

Starting off, I found actually moving on the machine had a learning curve of sorts, but I was pleasantly distracted by the graphics.

The developers did provide a graphical treat in 3-D, with brisk animations and interesting backdrops with realistic looking components. I liked the look of ramps, and how my rider soared through the air. The little, subtle things are what made this great for the eyes, like how the back tire dug into wood and shot out fragments when in overdrive. The accompanying physics were great too; I have never enjoyed seeing bike mishaps as much as in this game. The takeoffs, landings and everything in-between were exceptionally well-rendered in this electronic canvass.

Playing entailed the use virtual controls, optically in conjunction with the onboard accelerometer to get movement and “lean” just right. Speed was good, as the faster I finished, the better I scored. There were money stars that I could try to claim via contact. Game cash gave me the ability to buy better, more powerful equipment, but boy, it didn’t seem easy to accumulate enough game coins without using real cash. I thought the game did border on the difficult at times, potentially rendering it fully adopted by only the most dedicated of hand-held gamers.

I liked the competitive portion of the game which allowed me to pay friends and other enthusiasts, as well as a community leaderboard. The game also featured social networking connectivity.

Trial Xtreme 3 is a decent update on a fairly popular title, and in the hands of a patient gamer, can be a very compelling title.