iStabilizer Mount XL Hardware Review

iStabilizer Mount XL Hardware Review

May 1, 2013

I love accessories. I love decking out the ultimate accessory — with ultimate accessories. Again, as I like to say, it boils down to extending functionality. If I can do something reasonably well on my phone, then that is where I want to do it. Anything that helps me achieve that is of high premium.

My first thought when I got the iStabilzer Mount XL for review was “where have you been all my life?”

I was a big fan of the minimalist style; the black hard plastic worked well with the rubberized padding, with a minimum of screws at the bottom bordering the key piece that made it an adapter. Structurally, it felt quite sturdy; I’ve seen other adapters in the past, and a lot of them were clunky case contraptions that had to be made specifically for devices to account for differences in camera placement. The iStabilizer is a celebration of light utility. 2013-04-26 20.24.46

It was light without being flimsy, and faced the drop tests with ease.

In practice, the mount used a nifty spring mechanism to adjust to the device and hold it securely. In my testing, it held my devices with a good deal of security without giving them a death grip that made me fear for the finish. It worked securely with standard tripods, and I wasn’t able to dislodge any piece from the other. Of course, it was invaluable at eliminating any shakiness in my videos, and even my distance snapshots were noticeably better

The true strength of this accessory, in my opinion, was the universal nature of it. It promised to work with devices ranging from a a Samsung Galaxy S3 to an Note II. In my informal testing, it worked flawlessly with a device as small as an LG Optimus S all the way to a thick-cased HTC EVO 4G LTE.

Simply put, I loved this piece. I loved that it can be used with several different devices and different tripods. I loved the lightweight design. I loved that I found it difficult to find something to dislike.

Well done.