Kenu Stance Micro-USB Tripod Hardware Review

Kenu Stance Micro-USB Tripod Hardware Review

Mar 27, 2015

When it comes to a cool accessory, give me one that is small, portable, and effective. You know, just like what the Kenu Stance Micro-USB Tripod claims to be.

To give one an idea of how compact this tripod is, it just about fits in the palm of one’s hand. Out of the box, it is fairly nondescript, with brushed sinc-alloy making up most of the legs. It possesses a neon green topper (the MicroMount, made of “grilamid” composite material) that fits into a micro-USB port; similarly colored thermoplastic rubber covers the end of the legs. At first glance, it is clear that the the legs are somewhat irregular, but are engineered to lay plush together when the unit is not being used. Altogether, it comes in at 0.94 x 0.47 x 3.1 inches and only 1.2 ounces.

When the legs are spread, it takes on a slightly different persona; the legs open up at at an angle to each other in way that is atypical but effective. The top part is further revealed to be a basic ball and socket joint that more or less allows the hosted device to be adjusted along the grilamid axis.


In the end, any accessory is only as good as the value it adds to a device, and in this, the Stance serves a great purpose. As someone who was spoiled by the original HTC EVO 4G and its kickstand, and one who does consume media via smartphone on the go, this gadget makes sense in a variety of ways. Upright, it works great with Google Hangouts and other videochat options. I was also able to record voice via third-party mics, use it for recording video, and otherwise have access to the phone in regular position. I especially liked using the ball and socket functionality to access the phone in landscape, which is great for watching video.

My one issue is that the MicroMount fits very tightly — good, yes, but tight enough to give me pause while inserting it. On the plus side, it works even with smaller tablets (even though it isn’t rated for such), and with Windows phone devices.

All in all, it fits the bill: small and useful. It’s inherent portability is definitely an advantage, and this piece practically begs to be a part of one’s go-bag.

Arkon Smartphone Flexible Tripod Hardware Review

Arkon Smartphone Flexible Tripod Hardware Review

Jun 26, 2014

As smartphones become even more adept at serving as everyday image capture tools, having the right accessories specific to camera and video is shifting from want to need. Bonus points, obviously, for portability; if I can slip a non-bulky piece in the go bag (or even a pocket), I’m a happy guy.

Thus, having a chance to have a formal look at Arkon’s Smartphone Flexible Tripod is sure to be a fun endeavor; Arkon sent us a review package and it was on.

The package contains the main tripod assembly, and some interesting extra pieces. There universal smartphone holder, a ball pattern adapter plate, and a tightening ring for 17mm pedestals. There is also a handy black drawstring carry pouch with blue company lettering. The pieces themselves are black/mostly black, and the core is crafted out of hard plastic with greay and blue accents, with some metal in there as well.

When all compact, the item is fairly slight, but still feels solid in hand. The three legs are ribbed with foamy material, and are connected to the main frame, which itself is jointed for flexible movement. The upper parts are stiff, but the mechanical form is very similar to what seems to be standard for tripods, with user screws for tightening and a male connector piece at the top of the holding platform.


Functionally, the tripod excels, as-is and especially with the extra pieces; the phone holder screws in seamlessly to the tripod, and is adjustable all the way to phablet sizes. The ball joint allows for added flexibility along the axis. The flexible legs are simply wonderful, and allow for some atypical mounting styles. The tripod also works with other third-party thumbscrew adapters, and in every use scenario, the device felt very well secured, even during shake tests. As an added benefit, it works with smaller cameras that have the right end, and other Arkon pieces.

I would have liked some adjustability, even a little bit, in the legs; if I were picky, I’d also like the unit to be rated for one-handed device insertion.

In the end, it’s productivity that counts, and this accessory is one that can definitely contribute in a simple, portable way.

The Arkon Smartphone Tripod is available at the Arkon website for $19.95.