Amelia vs. the Marathon Review

Amelia vs. the Marathon Review

Feb 28, 2013

Amelia vs the Marathon is a fun game with a fun storyline that brings us back to the wisful times when kneecapping rivals was all the rage.

Amelia is an up-and-coming marathon runner with more than a bit of talent. So much so, that the current champion decides to, uh, slow her progress, Tonya Harding style. Using henchmen and objects, the champion decides to derail Amelia’s dreams. Physically.

The game was an action thriller, and it had the graphics to match. The excellent use of colors started with the stills in the cutscene. Bright primaries buttressed with changing backgrounds worked well to frame the gameplay. The animations were delightful cartoony.

Amelia vs the Marathon is an infinite running game at heart. My job was to guide Amelia by sliding and jumping over obstacles using screen swipes. The first few seconds served as a guide, with onscreen animations popping up to show me how to avoid a particular skill. It started out with the random object to jump over, along with traffic control paraphernalia to slide under. These training sets were perfect for prepping for the actual battles. The first battle had me face-off with a water-gun wielding, suit-and-tie-wearing hoodlum intent on doing damage. Now I got to find out why sliding and jumping were so important. Periodically, while ducking and avoiding water blasts and puddles, I got special powers (like a cap of doom) helped me take my enemy’s consciousness bar down to the point where he was vanquished. Of course, I had to protect my life bar from damage caused by the obstacles as well.

And the objects changed; pizzas and cake were lethal in this one. They got more challenging. All runs were timed, and localized leaderboards helped measure and compare progress and best times.

The developer tried to make a game without violence despite its concept, and they seemed to do that quite well. The game is fun, clean and challenging.