Friday Free App Rundown March 8th – Big Truck Games

Friday Free App Rundown March 8th – Big Truck Games

Mar 8, 2013

Little kids love big trucks. Whether the trucks are cranes or semis or farm equipment, they fascinate the kids to possibly grow up to become construction workers or farmers. Editor’s Note: Growing up is a trap! Stay young forever! Others become game designers and make games about big trucks and other equipment. That’s what we are going to talk about here, Big Truck games.

Most of the games here are skill based. One is more for little kids while the others are a bit more advanced. Let’s take a look.

Tractor: Farm Driver

Start the game by running through the tutorial to get the hang of the game. A lot of the activities are just like they would be on a farm. There is milk to deliver, fueling up the tractor, getting hay bales and bringing them back to the buildings. Because the game has a lot of driving in it, there are tasks like connecting the trailers and parking them in specific locations. The camera angle and ads are not always in the best postition, but the game is pretty fun regardless

Download Tractor: Farm Driver


Demologic is a skill-based demolition game. The goal is to knock over the correct items so they land on the statuette. Many times the statue can be knocked over with the force of blasting through the obstacles in the way. However, as the game progresses, more skill and planning is required to finish the level. Don’t think just because the graphics aren’t as high-tech as other games, that makes the game really easy. It takes some thinking to get through some of the more advanced levels.

Download Demologic

ABC Construction

If there are kids in the house who like big trucks, ABC Construction will probably be right up their alley. Okay, this isn’t so much a game as an interactive learning tool for kids to get to know their ABCs. Tapping the screen will show a different big truck with something else on the screen related to the letter in question. The letter is also spoken aloud by the game. If the child learning likes trucks, this game will probably hold their interest longer than a game showing different images.

Download ABC Construction

The Building Game

Ever thought about being a crane operator before? If so, here is a game to help practice. The Building Game is pretty realistic in the way the crane operates. Normal things one would expect to interfere with picking up, transporting and dropping the items come into play. If the crane is moved too fast, the claw will swing past the item to be grabbed. The object in the claw could also be too difficult to drop in the right area if it is moving too much. Once the objects are placed where they want to go, they need to sit there without falling over for about five seconds. It sure can take some practice to get good at.

Download The Building Game

The Little Crane That Could

Sometimes more than one type of big rig needs to be used for a project. The Little Crane That Could offers up a lot of different cranes, forklifts and pretty much anything else that can lift and move stuff. The controls are made to mimic those of the real machine. Some of the cranes have a lot of levers and other controls to master. Finish the levels by mastering the different machines.

Download The Little Crane That Could

Acceler8 Review

Acceler8 Review

Jan 5, 2012

As I believe I have mentioned before, I’m a terrible (video game) driver, meaning my total lack of steering skills has me constantly crashing into barriers. Acceler8 is different though, in that you and the rugged little cars are not racing on tracks, but on open dusty plains and dunes. And when a giant hill gets in your way you can always drive over it. Very satisfying.

At first it appears that there is not much new in concept, that it is your standard racing game. But the difference becomes apparent when you see the vehicles. Low cabs, aerodynamic frames, and giant tires. These vehicles just look like are meant to be driven in the desert. They want to go up cliff faces and down into valleys. And luckily the developers have made all of that possible.

They’ve been quite creative with the different tracks, making use of different climates and scenarios. One is an ice-covered landscape which will challenge your handling skills. Another has a cross-over which can lead to hilarious accidents. And another has you facing oncoming traffic. There are even night time races, with the stars shining overhead.

The game controls are exactly what you’d expect. Tilt to turn, with the option to adjust sensitivity to compensate for your own comfort level. For example I have a tendency to flail a bit when I play, so I needed to tone down the responsiveness to stop it from being just tragic.
You can choose your cars based on their handling/speed capabilities, and winning races earns you the cash needed to buy better, stronger vehicles. You also must unlock each successive track to play it, so there is always a goal for you to reach.

I’m such a big fan of the “screw it, I’m going over” attitude toward racing that I’m very glad the developers have made that possible. The cars are fun to drive, and the landscapes look very gritty and real.

It’s unfortunate though that the graphics processing speed needed to keep up with the cars just isn’t there. I had no problems when doing time trials, but as soon as I began racing other cars the graphics suddenly got very stilted and blocky. In fact the ground under each car literally became a glitchy block of colour. Perhaps have improvements are in order.