TruGlide Pro Universal Stylus Hardware Review

TruGlide Pro Universal Stylus Hardware Review

Sep 26, 2014

Walk with me…

There was a time the stylus was a sign of having arrived. Why? This was before smartphones, when Palm and WinMo battled to win the PDA market. True capacitive touchscreens as we know them were not on the scene yet, and a good stylus was more important than having fingers.

Then, in 2007, a lot of that changed.

As screens get bigger, brighter and more responsive, styli have made a comeback. As tablets and smartphone (and everything in between) become more comprehensive means of data entry, and creatives use digital tools to output thought, having tools that mimic traditional modes of data entry is especially invaluable. This is where tools like the TruGlide Pro Stylus are potentially worth their weight in gold.

The review unit Lynktec sent us highlights the units design; once removed from the packaging, it was surprising how elegant it feels, more akin to a high end pen than a prototypical stylus. The body is mostly grey, with a black screw-in front and a black clip. The tip is made out of a microfiber (5 mm conductive), with the stylus main body having an aluminum finish. Dimensions-wise, it comes in at 6 ounces and 4.7″ in length. It looks good and feels natural in hand.


The stylus comes ready to use; first, I tried it out as a navigation tool in lieu of my finger. In my experience, it works exceptionally well, and each screen I used it on recognized it with ease. When I used it to for notes, it took some getting used to to write, but I was able to glide in reasonable cursive very quickly. Drawing works too, but I did feel like I’d be better off with the optional digital paintbrush, which can be screwed on.

I did like the fact that the microfiber tips can be replaced and/or swapped out with other ends. I think i would have preferred a more tapered tip, but the stock one is far from shabby.

The extensibility trumps most drawbacks, and the minimalist design works to underscore its effectiveness. It’s an enjoyable extension, and one that practically begs to be utilized.

The TruGlide Pro Stylus can be purchased for $24.99 via the Lynktec website.