A look at TurboTax Mobile

A look at TurboTax Mobile

Apr 18, 2016

“Can I hear a ‘what, what’ for tax time?” (said no one. Like, ever).

Look, it is a pain. No one will dispute that, no even the IRS itself (think about it… how do you think IRS employees feel during this period? Don’t beat me; it’s just food for thought)>

Win or lose, refund or payment, taking or giving, the fact remains, tax preparation can be stressful. In an increasingly mobile, do-it-yourself world, there are several options that are geared towards providing a reasonable experience on smaller screens.

TurboTax is well positioned to do just this, with several tools on the biggest mobile platforms.

This year, it unveiled a new enhancement: a product especially prepared for folks looking to get things done via mobile browser. In several ways, this makes sense; I have been flirting with the idea of doing most computer-y things with a keyboard-docked Android tablet. Yes, armed with an Intuit-provided review code, we decided to take on the child.

Using the Chrome browser, we easily were able to start the program. From a visual perspective, it retains the color scheme of the application and desktop browser, with whites on grays plus blue and red accents. The text flows professionally. The interview questions are easily discernible, and the program is partitioned well.

One great feature is that the entire system syncs. One is able to save and sign out of the mobile browser, and pick right off in the app or the desktop version, truly allowing one to work on one’s returns whenever, however on almost any type of mainstream connected device

Basically, the mobile build is a self contained option, and it gives a filer the opportunity to get stuff done in an easy way. The experience is not degraded at all, and in many ways, is better with its well designed mobile component.

TurboTax gets update

TurboTax gets update

Mar 16, 2016

It’s tax prep time, and TurboTax Tax Return are ensuring the app stays as current and effective as possible with an update.


Support for Easy Extension and more product enhancements, so you’ll have more time for the important things in life, like cat videos.

The app remains free (with in-app pricing) on Google Play; our review should be posted shortly.

Intuit’s SnapTax for Android Review

Intuit’s SnapTax for Android Review

Apr 9, 2014

Doing my own taxes is my personal badge of adult responsibility. I mean, I am confronting the most difficult code since the Rosetta Stone, applying numbers to it, and BAM! It feels awesome, and I feel awesome pointing out how awesome it feels.

But tax preparation software has come along way in its quest to make folks like me awesome. Doing one’s taxes has evolved from gathering W-2s and miscellaneous receipts and driving to a tax preparation office; now, programs can be purchased to do tax work at home, and online programs are commonplace. With apps like TurboTax SnapTax from Intuit, one can prepare one’s taxes on Android smart devices. Intuit was kind enough to provide us with a code to see how the mobile app interfaces with the tax prep software.

SnapTax combines the device’s camera with OCR functionality to effect accurate collection of information; in essence, it greatly speeds up the process of tax preparation by streamlining and automating the most difficult aspect: data entry.snap1

The app itself is fairly minimalist, with mostly white accents. Upon starting the app, it prompts the user to sign in or to create an account; after signing in, there is the picture-taking utility, a section for interview questions and a preview area.

Using the photo utility is easy, at which point the software analyzes the picture of the document and imports the data into the relevant boxes. This was the best part for me; I hate dealing with income forms manually. After W-2s and 1099s have been entered, the program takes one through the briefest of interviews. Assuming all this is correct, the federal taxes can be e-filed right there from the mobile device. It’s so fast that it’s scary.

The convenience comes at a cost, though. For instance, if the app comes across forms outside basic W-2s or 1099s, it routes the user to the full TurboTax program online, the same goes if it determines that one’s tax situation is more complicated than set parameters. TurboTax online didn’t pull all the information already entered into SnapTax, and I was perplexed as to why such superb image capture functionality is not blended directly into TurboTax for users with the same login credentials.

Even with the drawbacks, I loved the program, and mostly enjoyed using it; there is plenty of room for improvement. For those with EZ prep needs, it’s pretty good, with free federal e-file ($14.99 for each state). It (along with Intuit’s other financial apps for Android) is available for free on the Play Store.

Simple Taxes, Simple Solution — TurboTax SnapTax

Simple Taxes, Simple Solution — TurboTax SnapTax

Jan 17, 2011

Tax season is upon us, which may or may not be a good thing. For some people, doing taxes involves stacks of encyclopedias, accountants, and an April 18th deadline. For others, a simple 1040-EZ does the trick. Throughout the years we have seen easier and more convenient ways of preparing and filing our taxes such as phone file, e-file, and tax preparation software like Turbo Tax. We now see these conveniences in the world of mobile with the advent of apps such as SnapTax.