Great Little War Game 2 Review

Great Little War Game 2 Review

Jul 21, 2014

Great Little War Game 2, much like the first game in the series has the player taking control of the blue army vs. the ever present red army menace. Using infantry, tanks and artillery the player will fight across deserts, beaches and forests to wipe out the enemy.

Screenshot_2014-07-20-12-53-02Great Little War Game 2 is all about using the terrain well and using units together so they can support each other. Units on elevated terrain can shoot further and thus can avoid return fire. Using artillery well, covering base approaches with snipers and backing up your grunts with medics among other tactics is both fun and vital to success.

Great Little War Game 2 features no in-app purchases whatsoever. All sixty levels are available from the beginning and unlocking new units to use boils down to collecting bonuses during levels and beating missions. Once the player earns enough battle points they can spend them on both unlocking new units, like better tanks or infantry or improve the ones already available. There are no shortcuts here. If a level is lost it is always down to improper tactics or a lack of skill, instead of not spending enough money on the game. This is a wonderful feeling and sure to be a big boon to players.

Screenshot_2014-07-19-16-51-58A minor downer in Great Little War Game 2 is the removal of the often funny and always interesting mini cutscenes that provided so much entertainment in the first game. No longer do players get to see the latest ridiculous reason the Blue Army goes to war for or the latest pervy comment at female soldiers. Each mission is simply served up with a screen showing the map and the objective. This is an understandable sacrifice given that there’s a massive 60 missions in this game, but it’s still hard not to miss the window dressing. The complete removal of multiplayer is a somewhat larger sacrifice however. Hopefully this is restored in a future update.

Luckily, the game still features lots of highly amusing banter and snide anti-war snippets thrown in as units blast the stuffing out of each other. Hobo turd indeed. The game also looks very good, nearly identical to the first game although with better terrain effects.

Great Little War Game 2 has tons of replay value. As said earlier with sixty missions, loads of unlockable units and addictive tactical gameplay GLWG2 will last for a very long time.

Great Little War Game 2 is a fantastic game both for newcomers to the series and veterans eager for a boatload of new missions to play. A premier mobile game, it is a must play.