Twitter for Android Gets Night Mode via Update

Twitter for Android Gets Night Mode via Update

Jul 27, 2016

Look, we know all y’all have been tweeting late into the night. C’mon.

Now, Twitter for Android looks to help folks get jiggy wit it late at night with Night Mode.

Per Google Play:

​See your Tweets when the lights go out. Night Mode in Modern Android delivers a dark color palette that’s made for reading in the dark.

The new build is available now; Twitter remains free.

Twitter for Android Gets an Update

Twitter for Android Gets an Update

Jun 9, 2016

Twitter is getting a refresh!


Today, we’re introducing a new look and feel to make Twitter for Android easier to use. A tab bar you can swipe, nav menu that slides, and a floating action button lets you move through Twitter faster than before.

And there you have it, per Google Play; it remains free.

Blaze for Twitter Review

Blaze for Twitter Review

Apr 29, 2015

Blaze for Twitter is a new-ish option that brings a new way to consume and produce tweets. AS there can never be too many options, we were happy to take a look.

The intro sequence is humble, inviting the user to add a Twitter account. After tokenization and such, one gets an idea of the customization options available, as well as a look a the user interface. It has a clean default look, with definite lines and bold coloring. The layout option which pops up at the beginning gives one a large say with regards to tweaking the exterior. Off the bat, it is possible to adjust the way Blaze handles images, going from full all the way down to thumbnails. After that, the background color — light or dark — can be selected; there is also a theme option, which allows the user to select from several colors.

Beyond that, the app can be set up to be read from the top or bottom, and one can also pick long service to use and the frequency rate. When it’s all said and done, the app does give the user a bunch of options to make it his/her own. The app clearly pays attention the Material Design, and overall, it is a pretty vibrant-looking application.


On the functionality side, the app incorporates a lot of the tools we’d expect in a microblogging client; one can slide through specialized screens for home, @ replies, direct messages, lists and trending topics. Each tweet in one’s stream can be manipulated individually via small symbols, and again, we get the core tools: reply, retweet, favoriting, muting and sharing. Working on an individual tweets brings even more options, like the ability to make a note or text someone a tweet. Retweeting gives one the option to quote, copy or do a simple retweet (I love the overlay). It is possible to work on one’s profile from within Blaze too.

The cherry on top? Blaze handles multiple Twitter accounts.

There’s not much to dislike; if I am to nitpick, it would be that I would have liked a “shoot-to-the-top” button, such that one can get up quickly. An option to tweet to simultaneously to multiple accounts could be handy on occasion.

All in all, it’s a great option, underscored by the option to use the ad-supported option, or the premium build. Either ay, it’s a client to appreciate, and well worth the risk-free try.

Social Account Aggregator 1Board Gets Material Design Update

Social Account Aggregator 1Board Gets Material Design Update

Jan 17, 2015

All those social accounts… so little time…

Good social account aggregators are worth their weight in gold. Outside basic functionality, appearance is probably the biggest concern, and this is why 1board’s latest announcement is great news.

1board (from MobiGear) is an app that looks to bring together Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, VKontakte and Foursquare feeds into one tidy location. It allows for users to post to multiple networks at the same time (Instagram being the exception due to API restrictions) and also allows for the option of combined or separate feeds.

1board just received an update that brings Material Design to the fold; now, the app looks especially tailored for devices with Android 5.0, and even earlier.

The app looks fun and functional, and we look forward to checking it out. For those that cannot wait (and we fully understand), 1board is available for free on the Play Store.

Official Twitter App Officially Adds Mute Feature, to Ignore Those Annoying Tweeters

Official Twitter App Officially Adds Mute Feature, to Ignore Those Annoying Tweeters

May 12, 2014

Twitter has announced that they are launching a mute feature to the iPhone and Android apps in the coming weeks. This way, if someone gets constantly retweeted into your feed, or if you want to follow them but not see their tweets, you can just go to their profile, tap the gear icon, and mute them. This feature has been a popular one in third-party apps, but now Twitter is officially implementing it. The feature is not yet available for everyone, but will be available to more users over the coming weeks. Get the app from Google Play here, and read more details on how mute works here.

Twitter Makes Photo Sharing More Social with Photo Tagging Update

Twitter Makes Photo Sharing More Social with Photo Tagging Update

Mar 27, 2014

Twitter 4

With the latest update, Twitter users can tag their friends on photos, and share up to four photos in a single Tweet. It doesn’t take any part of the 140 character limit, so there’s more freedom to type your message. Twitter app for Android can be downloaded from here: Twitter on Google Play.

Talon for Twitter Review

Talon for Twitter Review

Feb 25, 2014

May the Twitter space battles go on; they bring us options like Talon from Twitter.

Getting things going is a simple matter of authorizing Twitter from within the app and giving it a few moments to sync up one’s data. The first thing that jumps out is the styling of the app; the default theme is subtle but determined, with soft grays superimposed on a black background. Twitter handles are handled in orange, and most other text in white. Outside this default theme (“dark” in settings) here is a “light” one (mostly white tweet bubbles on light grey background) and “black” (grey on black). Text size and fonts can be tweaked, and there is an option to load an add-on theme, or to make one’s own using an external theme building app. Looking at the whole package, it’s hard not to appreciate the attention paid to customization options.talon1

Functionally, most information is a gesture away. The default page is the ubiquitous Timeline view. Swiping to the left reveals Mentions and Direct messages after that. Long-pressing a tweet allows it to be manipulated via favoriting, retweeting and replying.tapping a tweet automatically opens up a reply window with mentioned profiles pre-populated. Tapping the menu button gives a few more options like quoting. There is also a three-line menu context nestled in the top left corner, which allows for navigation to one’s profile, trending topics, user lists and more. It’s set up logically, and most operation sequences should be intuitive to Twitter vets.

This app does not have push notifications; we have Twitter’s api policies to thank for that. Instead, it uses a listener option to keep users on top of twitter information. It works with TwitLonger, emoji and even Pebble.

The app allows for two Twitter accounts, which is definitely a plus.

It’s a great looking app, packs a lot of functionality, and seems well worth the $1.99 price tag.

Create Your Own Levels For #Dungeon

Create Your Own Levels For #Dungeon

Feb 24, 2014

Dungeon 2

That’s not a typo. The new zelda-like action-game, #Dungeon, that unmistakably looks like the original Legend Of Zelda – or, more likely, like Binding of Isaac – utilizes Twitter in a unique way. The game’s level generator allows the gamers to create new levels themselves and then share the code in just a single tweet, with a special hashtag “#HashtagDungeon”. Also, apparently the game will feature an unhealthy amount of Dwarves. #Dungeon will be available on Google Play later. Look for the updates here: #Dungeon on Twitter.

Presenting Brabble, a New Social Messaging App

Presenting Brabble, a New Social Messaging App

Jan 23, 2014

Brabble 2

Brabble is a social app that allows users to share photos, videos, and texts. The users can send messages anonymously, or on the contrary – share them on their Twitter or Facebook. They can record audio from their phones, and of course, they can like others’ posts. It’s available for free from here: Brabble on Google Play.

Twitter Mobile App Gets Some New Features

Twitter Mobile App Gets Some New Features

Dec 12, 2013

Everyone’s favorite micro blogging site has updated their Android and iOS app yet again to include some exciting new features.

Now users can send photos over Direct Messages, should you not want to tweet that picture of you know what, over the entirety of the internet. These photos are also view-able on the regular website.

In addition, the Twitter app now lets users swipe easily between their timeline, direct messages, notifications and profile. This gives users an easier mechanism to navigate the Twitter app, helping them keep abreast on the happenings of 140 character land.

Source: Twitter Blog

Falcon Pro is All But Dead.

Falcon Pro is All But Dead.

Jun 19, 2013

It looks like this might be the end of the line for one of the most popular third-party Android Twitter apps going, Falcon Pro after they tried to push out a new version with a new set of API keys. Twitter appears to have shut down this version of the app, and the developer has restored the working version to Google Play so that users could re-download it.

Thus, with the app’s user limit reached (again), the app’s future development is theoretically dead. There’s no profit to be had in further development, and no additional users will be coming in.

Such is how the Twitter API policies have had a disastrous effect on Android: the lack of a high-quality third-party app option, at least one with the popularity of an app like Tweetbot on iOS such that it seemingly had a lot of additional user tokens, is felt now more so than ever. Twitter makes incremental improvements to their official app, but it’s still a generally-lacking experience. As such, Android users are left to suffer: any sufficiently-good option won’t last, and developers have no incentive to build good apps because it’s possible to succeed too well with them – that, or they’ll have to price them at relatively-high prices, like with Tweetbot for Mac.

It’s a shame.

Twitter Update Makes Tweeting Easier and Seamless

Twitter Update Makes Tweeting Easier and Seamless

Jun 4, 2013

Twitter has released an update to its Android app, making tweeting easier and more seamless. Now, when you add photos to a tweet, you’ll see a full preview of the photo instead of a cropped version, which is mentioned on Twitter’s blog. Also, when you compose a tweet, you’ll be able to see your avatar and username so that you will have an idea of how the post will appear.