Ultraman Galaxy Review

Ultraman Galaxy Review

Oct 14, 2013

Some games base their whole design on the hope that people will want to collect all of what the game has to offer. It’s worked many times before. In fact, I hear that a certain Pokemon game has been released and that seems to be doing somewhat well.

Ultraman Galaxy looks to borrow this setup and has you collecting cards based off the Ultraman series’ huge range of monsters, aliens and giant cyber-men. You may have guessed already, but I have no clue about the Ultraman series. I do know, thanks to my time with the game, that it contains a huge range of ridiculous looking creations that can’t hide their ‘man in a suit’ roots.Ultra2

So, if the basic premise is all about collecting cards, the game will live or die by how interesting this card collection process is. Well, it’s not the best and it’s not the worst. You take part in a series of battles and by winning battles you gain levels as a player and collect a random card. Battles boil down to watching a one-armed bandit’s reels spin. The images on the reel decide who attacks, who heals or who gets their ‘Ultra Move’ charged up. By lining up 3 of the same icons, your characters will carry out the relevant action. You also have to take into account the fact that each spin will cost you Action Points (AP).

Which is all there is to it, from a gameplay point of view. You spin the reels, you cross your fingers and you get your result. There is a degree of strategy to it, which does help with this problem, but doesn’t truly solve it. For example, you can double the effectiveness of your attacks, but this costs you more AP per spin and also make the enemies’ attacks do more damage. You can also ‘Hold’ some of the icons, so you can put the odds in your favour for your next spin but this again will cost you more AP.

Whilst the ‘combat’ element of the game isn’t the most interesting thing on the planet (there’s even an ‘Auto Battle’ button for crying out loud) the real draw will be the collecting and upgrading of your monsters. Quite simply, there’s a huge range of cards to collect and there’s a certain amount of strategy to setting up a good group of monsters. As each monsters has their own ‘element’, it’s important to have a balance in what monsters you take into each fight.

On top of each monster having an ‘element’, they also have a level. You can level up your monsters by essentially sacrificing other cards. This will need to be done at regular intervals or you’ll soon see your teams being defeated.

In the end, Ultrman Galaxy is an incredibly simple game that relies on the player’s interest in collecting monsters from the series. If you’re a fan of Ultraman and love collecting cards, you’re onto a winner with this one.