Friday Android Free Game Recap August 24

Friday Android Free Game Recap August 24

Aug 24, 2012

Legos are super fun to build things with but suck to step on with bare feet. For this week’s Friday Android Free Game Recap, we will take a look at a few applications having to do with Legos. For the Lego builders out there, an app in the list is a guide to ideas of things to build. The other Android applications in the list are games. Let us know what you have to say about the Lego revolution in the comment section below.

LEGO App4+

Part of the fun when building something with LEGOs is playing with it afterward. LEGO App4+ is a game for kids 4 and older to do just that. First a vehicle will need to be built then it’s driven through the level by holding a single button. For people who aren’t a little kid and like a challenge, try and tip the vehicle over. I tried several times and couldn’t get it to topple.

Download LEGO App4+

LEGO Duplo Zoo

This cute little game is sure to entertain the youngest tech savvy members of the family. While there isn’t a lot to LEGO Duplo Zoo, there is a fun interactive adventure for the kids to follow.

Download LEGO Duplo Zoo

Unblock LEGO

The Unblock games are pretty challenging. The idea is to move around the block to get the red block through the exit. I thought I was pretty good until I steadily lost to a 7 year old girl. Not cool. Anyway, several other games like it are out there, this one just has a LEGO theme to it.

Download Unblock LEGO

LEGO Creationary

LEGO Creationary is pretty sweet. As something is being built out of LEGOs one of the 4 choices in the corners of the screen can be pressed to guess. The faster the correct answer is guessed, the more points are given.

Download LEGO Creationary

LEGO building examples

Even the most crafty LEGO builder can run out of ideas on what to construct. LEGO building examples will show how to build some cool buildings. Follow the steps and make a masterpiece. Other similar apps are out there giving ideas for things to build other than buildings.

Download LEGO building examples

Free Android Games Rundown: All Toy Edition

Free Android Games Rundown: All Toy Edition

Jul 23, 2012

Kids love toys, so do some adults. Collections of dolls or action figures or trains or whatever can be a great hobby. So is playing video games which is probably the reason for this visit. Below is a collection of games based on toys. Go ahead and download them, get a bowl of cereal or chocolate milk and feel like a big kid.

Toy Shot

In a time when toy-like characters ruled the land, their princess was captured. Fight the Undead Warriors and stop the spread of evil across the peaceful kingdom using all kinds of cannon type weapons. These cannons shoot all sorts of projectiles at the attacking rebels. When the time is right, unleash the dragon and take them all out in one swoop.

Download Toy Shot

Toy Defense

As a kid we are taught to share. To be honest, I don’t think most people learned this when they were little. To honor selfishness, Toy Defense is a tower defense style game where toys are the the ones keeping what’s theirs from attacking monsters and other villains. Stop the attacking waves of monsters and keep what belongs to you.

Download Toy Defense


Toy Crafter

Building stuff is always fun. Back in the day there was Lincoln Logs and Erector sets. Now-a-days everything is digital. Toy Crafter is a simple game to build a toy and test it out. Want to make a car or something that flies? Go for it and see if the radical design will actually work.

Download Toy Crafter


An Elegant Toy

A lot of boys go through a stage in their life where they love weapons, ninjas and all things fighting. As they grow up, they start to like movies like Star Wars. An Elegant Toy is a collection of different sounds made by weapons in the Star Wars flix. Light sabers, Cutting through blast doors and even some dark overlord theme songs.

Download An Elegant Toy


Unblock Lego

Taking a game and making it look like the pieces and characters look like they are made from Legos is all the rage over the last few years. One of the first games I downloaded was a Unblock style game. Having 3000 free levels of untangling Legos is a big challenge. Are you up for it?

Download Unblock Lego