Undead Soccer

Undead Soccer

May 15, 2013

Soccer and the undead. Now that is a weird pairings. As much as soccer players fake injuries, it probably should not be too unexpected (zing! Hey… I should know)

Undead Soccer from Bulkypix merges The Beautiful Game and zombies in interesting fashion in this wave defense thriller.

The premise was simple. My protagonist’s fortuitous trip to the locker room saved him from becoming a zombie. Playing as him, I had to use soccer balls and related power ups to keep the hordes of zombies at bay.

The gameplay was fairly straightforward; zombies appeared in simulated groups and made their way to me. To survive, I had to use an unending supply of clicked soccer balls to knock them out. There was a delay between flicking a ball and getting a replacement, so accuracy was an important consideration. Occasionally, a power up icon would pop up. To claim it, I needed to “strike” it with the ball just as I would an incoming monster.

The power-ups were varied. Guns, rocket launchers, freezing utilities… even boomerang. They were all exhaustible, undead1and each provided a unique and valuable advantage. I liked that there was a a degree of difficulty attached to getting the goodies even after uncovering them.

As the game progressed, the hordes got faster and craftier. The scenery progressed from the soccer pitch to docks, fairgrounds and other murky parts of the city. There was in-app purchasing, and I thought the game progress was slow without it. It’s a relatively cheap game, so I’ll try not to be too hard on the developer for it.

Graphically, the game had the zany look I’d expect from a zombie saga, with dark edges and coloring meant to elicit a sense of relentless foreboding. There was a simple elegance to the looks that was easy to appreciate. I was not the biggest fan of the animations, and I thought the opening sequences could have been a bit more refined, but all in all, it was far from shoddy.

For a simple game that can be very hard to put down, this is definitely a cool option.