Order and Chaos Online Review

Order and Chaos Online Review

Jul 11, 2011

Few companies have embraced Android with as much fervor as Gameloft. Take a look through the most impressive, Triple-A titles available on the Android Market and you’ll find that a decent number of them were developed by the company. It should come as no surprise then, glancing at the lavish screenshots below, to find that Order and Chaos is another Gameloft title. To say the game is impressive is to massively understate the point. To say it looks ever so slightly like World of Warcraft is to state the bleeding obvious.

Order and Chaos is a 3D MMO that takes it cues from Blizzard’s behemoth, as well as cherry picking the best bits from the current generation of successful online RPGs. The fact that Gameloft have managed to shrink down the template to fit it into your pocket is remarkable, but what’s even more remarkable is the way that it all works.

Playing Order and Chaos is smooth and simple. Anyone who’s played an MMO will be instantly at home, and anyone who hasn’t is treated to simple hints to help them through. You can choose one of four races, Elves, Humans, Orcs and Undead, and one of four classes, Ranger, Warrior, Monk and Mage. Then you’re let loose into the enormous world to loot, grind, quest and raid to your heart’s content. Order and Chaos is a staggering achievement, a massively multiplayer game that fits so comfortably in your pocket it almost beggars belief.

Some people might find the freemium model off-putting, others might find the whole thing a little too close to WoW, but none of this should take away from the incredible job that Gameloft have done in building the game.

Order and Chaos, along with the rest of Gameloft’s catalogue, demonstrates just what the Android platform can do. It’s engaging, addictive and jaw-droppingly beautiful. Once you’ve gotten over just how good the game looks, you’ll find a huge adventure waiting for you. Buy it, show it off to your friends and get them to buy it too.

Maths Of The Dead Review

Maths Of The Dead Review

May 30, 2011

Zombies are everywhere nowadays, chomping their way through your friends, neighbors, pets and loved ones. You’ve killed them with shotguns, bombs, typing, and physics, but now it’s time to really stick it to the undead – now it’s time to kill them with math.

Maths Of The Dead is a quirky little title that casts you in the role of a super intelligent monkey. You’re placed behind a keyboard and zombies of various different shapes and sizes are shambling towards you, intent on feasting on your succulent monkey flesh. Each of the zombies has a simple equation above their head; type in the right answer and the zombie falls down re-dead.

It’s a simple premise, borrowed slightly from Sega’s re-imagining of their House of The Dead series of games as a typing tool. The zombies here are cutesy and non-threatening and the monkey is delightfully deranged. The music is frivolous, the sound effects hilarious and the whole package just screams “fun”.

The typing interface is a little unwieldy, and sometimes you can find yourself accidentally typing in huge strings of numbers when you keep getting things wrong, but other than that, there are no huge problems with the game itself. The difficulty could do with a bit of tweaking, and a few more sums could do to be thrown into the mix, but these are minor complaints; this is a loveable bundle of simian versus zombie fun, and who can’t enjoy that?

Maths Of The Dead is one of those rare games that actually makes learning fun. Zombies may be omnipresent nowadays, but it’s nice to see someone trying something a little different with them, even if that something different is just a riff on another game. It’s hard not to play Maths of The Dead with a smile on your face, even when things get tough – it’s a well built, hugely enjoyable little title that proves you don’t need flashy graphics and sky high production values to make a good game.

Theme Thursday – Undead Android

Theme Thursday – Undead Android

May 26, 2011

I don’t know how, but it appears that the dead have come back to life! These zombies aren’t human, however, they’re androids. That’s right, androids have come back from the dead, and they want brraaaainnnnss! But there’s no need to panic, because the zombies aren’t real, they’re just a part of this week’s Theme Thursday!

This week’s theme, Undead Android, is a real thriller, featuring zombies that have invaded your smartphone and begun feasting on icons.

Undead Android is a premium theme for US$0.99 and is designed to run on ADW Launcher. ADW Launcher is a highly customizable home replacement for Android smartphones and tablets. All you have to do is install ADW Launcher and then download this theme to change your background, dock, highlights and icons. From there, you can customize icon placement, the number of screens and add custom shortcuts. It’s extremely easy to do and can really spruce up the look of your phone’s interface. Or, in the case of Undead Android, turn it into a bloody mess of brain-hungry undead androids.

The story behind Undead Android is that the theme was inspired by the work of DethBecomesYou and based on the web comic Android Undead.

You’ll be able to proudly display your love for Android AND zombies at the same time with 85 icons that are being, or have been, munched on by undead androids, smattered with blood and cartoon gore. You also get 5 docks and 8, blood-soaked wallpapers to show even more zombie love.

Currently, the premium version of Undead Android will get access to new icons first, but the designer promises that the updates will eventually roll over to the free version as new icons come to the premium version.

For those of you who are interested in the premium version, you can find it here on the Android Market while the free version of Undead Android can be found over here.

Halfbrick Studios Announce Age of Zombies Now on Android

Halfbrick Studios Announce Age of Zombies Now on Android

Mar 31, 2011

We received some cool news from Halfbrick Studios that Age of Zombies is now available on the Android Market. There’s just one catch: It’s currently an exclusive launch title for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play.

Age of Zombies is a dual-stick shooter featuring Barry Steakfries as he battles his way through time, defeating the hoard of zombies that have been released throughout history by the evil Professor Brains.