Here’s How To Unbox a Gadget: Underwater

Here’s How To Unbox a Gadget: Underwater

Sep 29, 2014


I have a secret…

I watch unboxing videos.

Look, I know it sounds weird, but there is something just so incredibly awesome about a device that enter the world for the first time (in my mind) in its new owners hand. I almost always have to hold back tears during sweet, emotional moments like this.

Don’t judge me.

Now, before I publicly admit that I redo the unboxing of my own devices over and over again, take a look at this interesting take on the unboxing of a Sony Xperia Z3 from retailer Carphone Warehouse:


[Source: Carphone Warehouse Youtube page courtesy of Gizmodo]

Fish vs. Pirates Review

Fish vs. Pirates Review

Dec 28, 2012

Over half of the world is covered in water. For anyone who’s ever watched a nature documentary, it’s pretty obvious marine life can be quite a day-to-day battle. Fish vs. Pirates is an underwater defense game where fish need to protect against attacking fish Pirates.

The incoming Pirates swim in a straight line. By placing the defending fish in the direct path, it’s easy in the beginning to ward off the attackers. More than one fish can be placed in the same row so both fish are attacking at the same time. As the need for more than one fish needs to be placed on the screen to defend from the attacking pirates, there becomes a shortage of pearls.

Gain more pearls to be able to add a better defense by placing oysters in locations on the screen. The problem with just placing the oysters anywhere is they take up valuable spots for the defending fish. Ideally keep all of the oysters to the farthest back row.

In progressive levels, different types of fish and sea life are available to play a defensive role against the Pirates. Snails, starfish and various other types of fish all have their pros and cons to adding them into the defensive line up. For example, snails are better at withstanding damage from attacking pirates. The downside is the snails shoot a lot slower.

As the defensive lineup gets stronger, so does the strength of the Pirates. Pirates will start out with a few weaker fish and get bigger more plentiful as well. There’s just something about seeing a shark dressed up for the pirate to make for a fun defense game. Main menu, click the book icon to get a better description of the fish and the Pirates. Having a better idea about the fish and the Pirates will help to line up the right defensive fish against the attacking pirates.

Cave Diver Review

Cave Diver Review

Dec 10, 2012

Cave Diver is a side-scroller from Thumbstar that takes treat-hunting, resource-finding and enemy-dodging deep underwater.

Moving from right to left, I was geared up with wet suit, flippers and oxygen; at the bottom of the swimming area, there were pearls to collect. Oxygen was a resource that depleted quickly, and there were extra oxygen tanks conveniently trapped in bubbles under the waves.

Besides that, there plenty of obstacles. Blowfish and sharks were dangerous to my health, and the swimming paths were far from smooth, with outgrowths popping from the ceiling and floor that I had to maneuver through. To do this, I had to figure out the game controls. It was a two-finger operation; I had to keep one finger on the left side of the playing area, and the other on the right. The one button moved my swimmer up and forward, while the other toggle pushed forward and down. The third option, tapping and holding both fingers down, caused the swimmer to stop. The key learning curve was to propel the swimmer through the course.

It took me a while to master out the controls. I’m guessing the developer was looking for simplicity, but I bumbled along for a good while trying to figure out smooth movement. My son, on the other hand, figured it out in seconds and was zipping through levels with ease, so go figure. Some folks may find it tough, but it’s clearly possible to make it work.

Graphics were above average, and the developer did well to create a fun-looking environment with nice animations.

As said earlier, the pearls were on the ground, and the developer did a good job of creating a challenge by putting the bubbled air tanks and pearls in places that were not conducive to each other. The further you went, the harder the tasks and opponents got.

The game boasts 20 levels, and a leaderboard system for bragging rights. Cave Diver is a cool time waster that can be more in the right hands.