Oil Rush Review

Oil Rush Review

Nov 26, 2013

The world in Oil Rush has been devastated by a nuclear war. The world has been rendered nearly uninhabitable and thanks to global warming, and thus the rising water level, a global sea covers the planet.

Of course humanity won’t let a little thing like a nuclear apocalypse stop them and a huge battle erupts for the remaining resources on the earth.

Oil Rush is a bit different from most RTS games when it comes to unit control. The play does not create bases or units. Bases already exist in the form of platforms that automatically crank out a horde of a certain kind of unit while your faction controls them. As units get wiped out, more are created. The player only directs the units and uses abilities.

Screenshot_2013-11-22-16-39-13Fleets are made up of a number of units that are stationed at one of your platforms. To order a fleet to move, it must be moved to another platform. If the platform is in enemy hands the move becomes an attack instead. Platform defensive turrets can be built and each unit has strengths and weaknesses it is imperative to move the right kind of units to that platform to take it over without suffering serious losses. At first this limited movement system will feel strange to a RTS veteran, but after a while it becomes second nature.

A nice selection of units is on offer. From basic jet-ski infantry type units and planes all the way up to floating amphibious tanks.

Oil is a vital resource. While basic units don’t cost anything (as long as the platform is controlled endless reinforcements are created) oil is what’s used to trigger special abilities like demoralizing enemies, or boosting unit strength. As the player climbs the tech tree with research points gained from combat, more and more abilities that require oil to use are unlocked. Oil is also used to build vital defences.

Screenshot_2013-11-22-16-21-11Oil Rush’s biggest strength is how engaging it is. The game is so fast and fluid that it demands constant action. The AI is insanely aggressive and as both sides are getting constant reinforcements both are almost always in a position to attack. Oil Rush is all about being aggressive and blitzing the enemy as quickly as possible, any delay will often lead to defeat. Tense stuff.

Oil Rush looks great. The feel of the game is spot on for a game about the apocalypse, as humanity clings to rusty hunks of metal in the middle of the ocean. Everything in the game is rusted, ramshackle or haphazard, from makeshift gun platforms to wonky tanks. Soundwise the game is less impressive. There is just not enough loud gunfire and explosions for a game that has battles as large as this. The music is rather good however.

Oil Rush is a highly original, engaging take on RTS. While it is rather limited tactically, its unique gameplay will be a breath of fresh air to a jaded RTS fan.]