Samba Coming to Android This Week

Samba Coming to Android This Week

Oct 14, 2014

Samba, the award-winning “reactive video messaging” tool is finally making its way to Android OS.

It was formerly exclusive to iOS.

Samba is a popular social tool; in is basest form, it literally records the reaction to a video. A typical scenario is a person sending a funny video to a friend; the app records the real-time reaction that the friend has to the video and sends the clip of the reaction to the original sender. No sending action needs to be performed by the person who received the video.

The app also incorporates special effects that allow people get creative with output. The whole package is geared towards video sharing among people from within this self-contained application.

While the app page is up and running, The Next Web notes the app won’t officially be available till October 16th 2014.

Samba will be a free app on the Google Play store.

[Source: The Next Web article]

Home Design 3D Coming to Android Soon; Opens Beta Program

Home Design 3D Coming to Android Soon; Opens Beta Program

Oct 1, 2014

Popular interior design app Home Design 3D is crossing the pond from iOS land, and will be coming to Android soon.

To underscore this, it is also allowing interested folks to sign up to obtain access to a preview open beta of a non-definitive of Home Design 3D future Android version.

People interested in joining the beta can joing the related Google Group:!forum/home-design-3d-beta

For more info on the app, check out the infographic:

According to the informational, the beta will be available on October 8th, 2014.