Upcoming Game ‘Crashlands’ Gets Launch Date

Upcoming Game ‘Crashlands’ Gets Launch Date

Dec 8, 2015


Butterscotch Shenanigans has dropped a firm date for the launch of its upcoming game Crashlands: January 21st, 2016.

Why you should maybe give a damn.
Huge, openworld crafting RPG with 60+ hours of story content.
No inventory management – a crafting game with an infinite, self-managing inventory. FINALLY.
True crossplatforminess – It’s the same game on PC and Mobile, and you can move your save between the two, meaning you can pop it in your pocket for that morning commute and then come back home and bury your face in the big screen via Steam. And it plays beautifully either way. It’ll be $5 on mobile platforms and $15 on Steam.
Indie as F*** – 3 brothers taking 2 years to make the game that gets 1 of them through cancer treatment.

As noted, the game will cost $5.

If we may, we at Android Rundown wanna give a big shout-out to Sam, one-third of the development team at Butterscotch Shenanigans. We love beating games, but nothing beats beating cancer!

OUYA and Team Tripleslash Announce Upcoming OUYA-Exclusive Game Magnetic By Nature

OUYA and Team Tripleslash Announce Upcoming OUYA-Exclusive Game Magnetic By Nature

Apr 23, 2014

OUYA and Team Tripleslash has announced its upcoming platform game Magnetic By Nature; the game will be coming exclusively to OUYA first. The game will be available in May 2014.

The game is a redesign of an Xbox Live Arcade proof of concept Magnetic By Nature: Awakening, a proof-of-concept demo for Xbox Live Arcade.

Per the official press release, Magnetic By Nature explores platforming without platforms, putting players in the role of the last remaining robot exploring the ruins of an advanced civilization. Using the power of magnetic attraction and repulsion, players must manipulate magnets – and themselves – through wickedly difficult puzzles. Success relies on carefully balancing pushing and pulling on the level itself – go too far in one direction, and you’ll meet a nasty end. With a striking art-deco style, atmospheric sound design, and more than 100 levels of magnetic mayhem to navigate, Magnetic By Nature is an engrossing single-player experience that platformer fans will love.

[Source: OUYA Press Release]

Temple Run Releasing March 27th

Temple Run Releasing March 27th

Mar 7, 2012

Temple Run finally has an official release date on Android. The incredibly-popular endless runner will be escaping evil monkeys, making quick turns, and jumping over pits on the Android Market starting March 27th. The game is being co-developed with David Whatley of Critical Thought Games and Simutronics. As well, the game is going to be developed in Unity on Android, according to Unity’s head of developer relations, Tracy Erickson.

What this also means is that it’s possible for the game to make its way to other platforms much more easily as well, with Unity being a cross-platform engine; a web version of Temple Run is a definite possibility with Unity. No assets for the game have been released, and likely will be posted on the game’s Facebook page. Until the 27th, all games that claim to be Temple Run should be regarded as the fakes they are. Android Rundown will be reviewing this one as soon as it is available, so stay tuned for more on this iOS smash hit making its way to Android.