Deliveries Package Tracker gets an Update

Deliveries Package Tracker gets an Update

Dec 8, 2016

We have always been fans of Deliveries Package Tracker; the app has a way of continually proving its value, especially for folks who do trackable shipping both ways.

Now that it’s holiday season, it easily becomes invaluable; it’s current update should go a long way towards ensuring it finds a place to stay on the smartdevices of many at this time of the year.

The new update improves startup times, responsiveness, native support for more services and more (including a PRO-specific updated feature. More specifically.

More specifically (per Google Play):


New in v5.2:
– huge improvements to UI responsiveness while refreshing
– drastically improved startup time with large delivery archives
– native support for EKART Logistics (formerly Flipkart Logistics)
– fixed issues with 12 providers
– added round icon for Pixel launcher
– added Slovak translation, thanks to all translators!
– [PRO] updated Microsoft Translator API to use Azure portal credentials

The app remains free (with optional pro features in-app) on Google Play.

[via app changelog]

Evernote Adds in New Section via Update

Evernote Adds in New Section via Update

Dec 8, 2016

Evernote is getting an update that adds in a new section.

Called “Sharing,” the new section brings in all notes and notebooks that have been shared with the user in one place.

Evernote remains free to use on the Play Store.

Map My Run Introduces Notifications

Map My Run Introduces Notifications

Dec 8, 2016

Well adopted fitness tool Run with Map My Run is getting an update.

The new build — Version 16.11.1, to be precise — adds in a big new feature: Notifications. Notifications serve as a quick way to see the relevant app info in a single place.

Per Google Play, folks will be able to get updates on friend requests, challenge invites, updates, reminders, mentions and achievements.

The app remains free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play.

Hangouts Makes Group Chat Easier

Hangouts Makes Group Chat Easier

Dec 7, 2016

Google Hangouts is getting an update which is supposed to help group chats get better.

More specifically, app version 14.0 makes it easier to create and name group chats. Also, the new build brings bug fixes and performance improvements.

The app remains free.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Unveils Android-Exclusive Content

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Unveils Android-Exclusive Content

Dec 7, 2016

The Force is here…

Electronics Arts’ Star Wars: Galaxy Heroes is getting an update that brings some unique new content to its Android version.

This update is a tie-in to the upcoming major motion picture release Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Within this update, there is a new bundle; folks who play the game can get the “Rogue One Heroes Pack”, which is available for free for a limited time.

The pack includes K-250, the new Droid that will be in the upcoming movie. This character is upgradeable up to 7 stars.

This pack will be available through December 16th.

Additional exclusive content will also be available.

Yay for the Android exclusives! Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes remains free (with optional in-app purchasing) on Google Play.


Nanoo’s FINAL TAPTASY Receives an Update

Nanoo’s FINAL TAPTASY Receives an Update

Dec 7, 2016

FINAL TAPTASY is getting new stuff.

It is an RPG-clicker meld that encourages the player to save a princess by taking on enemies. It is set in a retro style, and it packs in a lot of content.

This update brings:

1. Added an entirely new ‘Love Escape’ mode
– Battle between the Demon, for whom the Princess who falls in love with and escape, and the rescue squad, who want to stop them!
– Includes various upgrade elements, numerous rewards and fun!

2. Added new ‘Glorious Hero’ weapon set

3. Added new ‘Queen of Darkness’ weapon set

4. Added new Ally ‘Thrall’

5. Added new 15 Treasure types

6. Added limited ‘Demon Squad Pack’
– New Hero Skins + 500 of each Jewelry type + 100 Hyper Stones

7. Modified balance
– Significantly enhanced skill ‘Concentration’
– Changed the maximum level to infinity for the Treasure ‘Ancient Gold Mask’
– Increased max level of Treasure ‘Cat Foot’ to level 20

The game remains free (with in-app purchasing) on the Play Store.

Mind-bending Game ‘Tricky Test 2’ Receives Christmas Update

Mind-bending Game ‘Tricky Test 2’ Receives Christmas Update

Dec 6, 2016

We readily admit: we developed a big crush on Tricky Test 2 when we took it for a spin a short while ago. Can you blame us? The game has the ability to make folks feen for more.

Now, we hear developer Orangenose Studio is dressing the game up in newfangled Yuletide attire.


The game is getting a new update that brings a new Christmas theme: snowflakes, presents and “dreamy” season-appropriate lights. Also on deck is a Christmas soundtrack… music inspired by the season.

The iOS port is getting a premium version, if you’re into that sort of thing, in addition to the Christmas update.

Otherwise, on Android, the game remains free (with in-app purchase opportunities).

Have a Tricky Christmas!


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Google Photos Adds New Filters and More

Google Photos Adds New Filters and More

Dec 5, 2016

Google Photos is getting a bit more interactive with its latest update.

The new build brings new one-tap filters, advanced editing controls and more movies made for the user.

More specifically, the changelog (per Google Play) is as follows:

• An all-new set of smart, dynamic filters to enhance photos in one tap.
• Advanced editing controls to tweak lighting, color, and more, including an innovative Deep Blue slider that adds color to sky and water.
• More movies, made for you: your child’s first months, holiday traditions over time, highlights from the year, and more – all easily editable.

Google Photos remains free on Google Play.

Gmail Gets an Update

Gmail Gets an Update

Dec 5, 2016

Gmail is coming a long with with regards to being the email app on Android, and its latest update should definitely be of note.

Per Google Play, it is now possible to edit text in line or copy-paste from the web while still keeping the original text formatting.

Gmail remains free on Google Play.

Dulp Gets a Major Update

Dulp Gets a Major Update

Dec 4, 2016

Nexx Studio’s Dulp just received a major update.

This one qualifies as a major one, we think. It brings:

• Added Endless game mode
• Added NEW UI design
• Added NEW gameplay color scheme
• Added Color blind mode (Beta)
• Added 120 new levels (350 levels available)
• General optimization
• Minor bug fixes

350 levels? Nice!

The game remains free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play.

Netflix Adds Downloading Functionality

Netflix Adds Downloading Functionality

Nov 30, 2016

Netflix is a kingmaker mobile application: its presence on a mobile OS is arguably a big key to the success of said platform.

Remember the days way back when, when Android didn’t have a a native Netflix app? After iOS got it? Those were dark days…

The app continues to be refined, and currently, there is an update that brings a very desirable feature: the ability to download content for offline viewing. This means that folks can download included shows and movies while, say, with wi-fi coverage, and then watch the downloaded material even if one does not have internet access.

It should be noted that not all content is downloadable; content that is downloadable will show a relevant icon. In the application settings menu, one will also find a spot for downloaded content.

One point: there doesn’t seem to be a way to select where the movies are downloaded to just yet. Folks that have Android devices without expandable memory should not care too much about this.

In any case, the app remains free (with a Netflix subscription).



[via Google Play]

Microsoft Word Gets an Update

Microsoft Word Gets an Update

Nov 25, 2016

Microsoft Word is getting an update that is rolling out now.

Leading the list of newer features are the souped up accessibility tools, including improved support for TalkBack, keyboard, and other assistive tools.

Now, Office files can be also be stored and accessed with Box, Egnyte and Tencent’s 腾讯微云.

Lastly, if there’s activity within a shared documentation, a notification gets fired.

Microsoft Word remains free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play