myBounds Review

myBounds Review

Apr 6, 2012

Cellular providers all over the world are cutting back the amount of minutes, text messages and data allowed in plans they offer these days. When starting a new plan with a new wireless carrier or adjusting a current plan, watching every aspect of usage can be the difference between a normal monthly bill and an outrageous bill. myBounds is a web application with an Android counterpart made specifically to help measure monthly phone data, minute and text message usage for a single or multiple users sharing a cellular plan.

Creating an account from the myBounds website was much easier than through the application. The specifics of the wireless service need to be added. The amount of monthly data, text messages and minutes allowed can all be set to the plan limits. myBounds also asks for a start date; this is the first day of the monthly billing cycle. Once the allowances are set, if there are other devices on the plan, invites can be sent to those other users.

As the month progresses, the progress bars will increase as services are used. When any of the limits are close to being reached, a notification is sent to warn of potential overages. Some wireless providers give the option of reallocating minutes, text messages or data to other devices on the plan.

myBounds works well when monitoring text messages and data usage. In testing, the usage tracking for both of these sections seemed to be pretty accurate. At first the stats didn’t seem correct, but after a manual refresh they were right where they should be. Each time you start up myBounds, the application logs in and refreshes the progress bars.

Measuring minute usage is a little trickier for some some carriers. There is not an option to add in plan specific free features such as free incoming calls. There are options to add start and stop times fro free night and weekends or specific phone numbers where the calls do not deplete your anytime minutes. While adding these minutes into the overall usage will surely help avoid overages, the total number of minutes will not be an accurate representation of minutes left for the rest of the month.

Many people are not as concerned with minute usage because they are using more text messaging and data applications than actually talking to people. Having an accurate count of the text message and the data usage will make the majority of people happy.