Usain Bolt Gets New Gear in Temple Run 2

Usain Bolt Gets New Gear in Temple Run 2

Aug 4, 2015

Temple Run 2 players have long since had the privilege of taking on the three-lane running challenge with champion sprinter Usain Bolt. Now, folks who select him as a character will get to enjoy his new uniform, the same one he will be wearing at the IAAF Championships in Beijing.

Imangi Studios co-Founder Keith Shepard talks about Usain’s popularity. “Usain Bolt’s character in Temple Run 2 is one of the franchise’s most popular runners. To celebrate Usain’s 6th-annual World Championship appearance this August, we could think of no better way than to update his character in the game to reflect what he’ll be wearing this month on the track,” he says. “Without a doubt, Usain’s character marks the epitome of speed and agility, not to mention the ultimate ‘temple runner,’ and we’re honored to keep working with him.”

Usain Bolt himself mentions the confidence that can be gleaned from a uniform. “Performance aside, few things make an athlete feel more confident than his jersey,” says Bolt. “It’s only fitting, then, that my Temple Run 2 alter ego wear the same great jersey I get to wear this summer at the World Championships.”

We had an opportunity to review it a while ago, and really liked it; the new build is available for free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.


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Play as Usain Bolt in the Latest Temple Run 2 Update

Play as Usain Bolt in the Latest Temple Run 2 Update

Aug 1, 2013

If Temple Run 2 was ever going to add a real-life person as a playable character, I suppose there are few candidates. One of them would be Usain Bolt, fastest man in the world.

Temple Run 2 just added Usain Bolt, fastest man in the world, as a playable character.

For a limited-time $0.99 in-app purchase, it’s possible to run through sky temples outrunning a giant evil demon monkey as the Olympic gold medalist. He also comes with a new power up, the Bolt, which lets him sprint ahead and collect all the gold coins around him. Just like real life! I only hope he doesn’t have an evil demon monkey problem as well. The update is available now.