Freaky Friday – Golf Photo Taker

Freaky Friday – Golf Photo Taker

Jun 3, 2011

The thing with hobbies, is that once you get deep enough into them, you just can’t help yourself. You have to buy the right shoes, the right hats, the right equipment, otherwise your hobby engaging friends will laugh at you and call you names. Nowadays, that list includes having the right apps too.

Of course, it’s all a con. Merchandisers slap names and logos on any old tat and, because you’re desperate to keep up with the trends, you buy them. And yes, Golf Photo Taker, I am very definitely looking at you when I say that. For shame.

Golf Photo Taker does exactly what you’d expect an app called Golf Photo Taker to do. It takes photos of people playing golf. Well, actually, it doesn’t take photos, you do, it just adds a frame. A golfing related frame. And that’s it.

Except, that’s not it. The app also sends you text messages, from yourself, recommending other golfing, picture taking and entirely unrelated apps. Which is so annoying that it resulted, in my case at least, in an instant uninstall.

Golf Photo Taker is a stupid app, with no redeeming features. It makes it onto our driving range of despair because it’s hideous, pointless, and for some reason has a picture of someone’s Facebook profile as one of its screenshots on the Android Market.

The sad fact is, people are going to buy Golf Photo Taker. About a hundred people already have. Someone has even given it a five star review. Five stars for what is, to all intents and purposes, a digital version of holding a bit of cardboard in front of your camera.

Don’t buy Golf Photo Taker, don’t even think about buying Golf Photo Taker. If you want to take photos of yourself or other people playing golf, then by all means, do so. There’s a camera on your phone that will do a lovely job. Or buy a camera. Just avoid this creepy, intrusive, utterly useless sham of an app.

Golf Photo Taker is available now from the Android Market.