Android Market Adds User Review Filtering

Android Market Adds User Review Filtering

Dec 14, 2011

There’s an occurrence that happens all too often on the Android Market: when trying to decide whether buy an app or not, the reviews seem split between 5 and 1 star ratings. This caused a user to scroll through all the reviews looking at the 5 star “Love It” reviews and the 1 star “Crashes on opening” reviews. As any Android fanboy will tell you, one major advantage to using the green robot is the wide array of devices to choose from. Instead of being stuck with one specific phone or tablet the options are boundless. The problem this creates is incompatibility and performance inconsistencies between devices.

For example, maybe app A just came out and has audio issues with HTC’s new Rezound. There is no way for a user to know that this is the case from other users unless they scroll down through the entire list and finds multiple negative reviews for the Rezound while keeping an eye out for positive reviews as well.

Google has addressed this compatibility problem before. Because your Google Account is connected to your phone, when you log into the Market it knows what phone you have and displays whether the app you are viewing will run properly. This is a great feature and adds a lot of peace of mind, but something more was definitely needed.

To finally alleviate this problem, Google has allowed users to filter review results based on app version, device, recency, rating, and helpfulness. If you have trouble finding it, it’s under the “Read All User Reviews” link. The results filter fast and this feature makes the app selection process much easier and safer, but is not very useful for smaller paid apps that don’t have many reviews. This is a much needed addition that is just another small notch in Android’s belt considering filtering reviews bases on phone model is not available in Apple’s App Store.