Android Publishers Getting in on the Holiday Sale Fun, Too

Android Publishers Getting in on the Holiday Sale Fun, Too

Sep 4, 2011

Over on the iOS App Store, any kind of significant holiday or important date is a cause for publishers to start dropping prices on their apps. Android hasn’t quite gotten into this fun, but Namco and Gameloft have launched a few sales in order to get Android users some low-cost games to enjoy on Labor Day.

Namco: All these games are currently on sale for half off their regular prices through 10:00 am PST on September 6th:

Isaac Newton’s Gravity: $0.99
More Brain Exercise: $1.49
Ms. Pac-Man: $1.49
Pac-Man Championship Edition: $1.49
Pac-Man: $1.49
Pool Pro Online 3: $1.49
TNA Wrestling Impact: $2.49

Gameloft: They’re doing something a little bit different from Namco. All of Gameloft’s games are available for $0.99, but not from the Android Market, only from Gameloft’s own store. Note that Gameloft is very picky about which devices can run which games, so a title may not be available for a phone or tablet, even if it would have sufficient hardware to run the game. Click here to see the (very sizable) list of games available from Gameloft’s store. As well, Gameloft is giving away a free game a day from their Twitter and Facebook pages.

Any developers with other sales? Leave a comment below or tweet @AndroidRundown to be possibly added to the list!