Free App Recap – SMS Add-on Apps

Free App Recap  – SMS Add-on Apps

Mar 5, 2013

A while ago we talked about different SMS apps for Android. These text messaging apps were a total replacement for the stock messaging app. The benefit of those apps is they have a whole lot of new features. While this is great for some people, others just want an added feature like a pop-up window when they receive a new message. For these people there are SMS add-on apps like the ones in this list. Let’s have a look at some text messaging add-on apps.

SMS Popup Alert

Only a few stock SMS apps have some sort of option to show a pop-up window for new incoming messages. This saves some clicking or opening up the notification bar to see who the message was from and what it said. Once installed, a pop-up window will appear with the incoming message displayed in it. There is a choice to reply or drag it to the trash right from the pop-up window. This may not work with 3rd party SMS apps.

Download SMS Popup Alert

SMS Backup +

SMS Backup + is a great app for backing up message threads. When a message thread gets into the 1000 messages or longer range, some phones or apps can slow down and take a whole to load the thread. Having an app to backup the messages, deleting them every couple of days is easier to do. They are backed up to Gmail and placed in a label called SMS. Also, SMS Backup + will backup call logs and place them in Google Calendar if desired. This is great for people who need to track calls for work or other reasons.

Download SMS Backup +

Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos

From time to time there may be a need to hide a picture or message from prying eyes. Using an app like Vault-Hide will surely do the trick. Not only is there an option to hide images, SMS messages and even Facebook messages can be hidden from people trying to see who is chatting or sending images. I know there are a lot of reasons to hide a picture or message from people. Not only for the inappropriate images, it can be for work messages that might be sensitive and shouldn’t be seen by other people.

Download Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos

SplashID Safe for Tablets

SplashID Safe for Tablets

Jan 15, 2013

How often is a password needed while browsing the web? How about other information like credit card information or maybe the login information to something else? Well SplashID Safe for Tablets can help keep all this information safe and sound and easily accessible on a phone or tablet. The app tested here is the version for tablets. Here is the version for Android phones.

The first thing I noticed when I started using SplashID Safe for Tablets was it eliminated the ability to take screen captures. I can say I’ve never noticed this feature in other safe and password managing applications. I went back and tested a couple and it’s pretty common feature apparently. When starting out, the first thing asked is to set a password. Since there’s only a need to remember one password (all of the other password will be accessible inside SplashID Safe for Tablets), it’s a good idea to make this a strong password. If needed, a hint can be added to help remember the master password or place where the password was written down and kept for safekeeping.

From here, it’s a matter of adding in all of the sites, passwords and other information for safe keeping. This is the part of any password manager that’s no fun. If the desktop version is purchased, information can be entered their and synced with the handheld devices. Otherwise the information needs to be entered manually one entry at a time. This is a great chance to eliminate old accounts and information. When entering the information, it’s a good idea to categorize and group similar passwords or accounts.

When there is a need to have more than a business and personal category, create new ones to better organize information. There’s also different “types”. The types are templates to make the entry and organization of data easier. For example one of the types is for bank accounts while another is frequent-flier miles. Using the types for some things like insurance will not replace the actual need to keep a copy of the form in the car.

The whole idea is to make sure to use SplashID Safe for Tablets or any other password manager or it’s just another app taking up space. Having everything in one spot makes SplashID Safe for Tablets a super useful tool.

mSecure Password Manager Review

mSecure Password Manager Review

Jul 5, 2012

A digital world demands digital solutions. As we become more entwined with the information highway, we need to focus more on portable security. Having one password isn’t gonna cut it, either.

So, if you do what the experts from you, and have a hundred different passwords for the hundred sites you frequent, how do you keep track?

This is where mSecure from mSeven Software comes in. It serves as a handheld-based password receptacle that has the ability to sync to an optional desktop companion or the cloud. It boasts 256-bit Blowfish encryption to protect data. The software boasts 17 custom templates, with the ability to make more custom ones. In addition, it supports auto-login and search.

It weighs in at 8.3 MB, and costs $9.99 in the Google Play Store. And the developer is not willing to allow lack of access to Google’s app environment prevent potential customers from getting it. It is available for Nook devices, the Amazon Appstore and even the Verizon Media Store, among other places.

The Android port has a clean look, prompting me to set up a master password at initial launch. Just in case I did the unthinkable and forgot that master password, I got to put in a hint as well. After that, the menu is fairly straight-laced. One great benefit was the ability to store data on SD card or Dropbox. I was also able to email a backup to my Gmail (I was not able to send to another webmail address).

For this review, I combined the Android app with the optional Windows desktop software ($19.99). Syncing was a breeze, and was easier than I expected. Both ports had to be open, share the same password and had to be on the same wi-fi network. I had it up and running in under two minutes.

The developer does well to make it easy for folks to move their data over to mSecure; I found I could import csv files, as well as data from competing software from SplashID, Dataviz, Handy Safe Pro, TurboPaswords and KeePass. I figured that if your current password program can export a CSV file, mSecure can sort it out. As noted, its Dropbox compatibility allows it to be used as a standalone app.

The software also comes with a password generator, auto-backup functionality and a lot of icons to aid personalization and sorting. I found I could change fonts too, thus giving the whole program an enviable degree of customization. It is also reassuring to know that mSecure is available on Mac and iOS in addition to Android and Windows, so I can take mSecure with me across platforms, or sync with others in my household on those platforms.

The peripheral features (like auto-lock and data destruction after failed logins) were the cherry on top.

I was impressed by mSecure, and for the busy individual with tons of web portals, it can be a lifesaver. The fact that it is a cross-platform app is definitely a plus, and cloud compatibility a bonus.