Video Re-Mixing Site Coub Releases Android App

Video Re-Mixing Site Coub Releases Android App

Jan 12, 2015

Video Re-Mixing service Coub has just released an Android app.

Users can add full length music from their library to further customize their coubs. Coubs are shareable on any social network including Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Pinterest and LinkedIn; and are embeddable on Facebook, Tumblr and any blog platform and CMS. Great coubs are surprising, fun and compelling remixes of the latest shortform media.

Additional features of Coub for Android include:

• Watch Coubs in stunning fullscreen mode
• Explore editors’ picks and popular and trending Coubs
• Find and invite friends
• Create a feed of the best Coub users to get freshest, funniest and most interesting content daily
• Collect your favorite Coubs to watch again and again
• Unlimited uploads
• Custom video filters
• An Android-exclusive “multiple channels option” allowing users to operate from all channels that they have under their account from the app

Since launch in 2012 Coub has seen over 3 billion views and is now averaging over 400 million views per month. Users become part of the Coub community and can find, like and recoub their favorite coubs. Coub features hundreds of “channels” that organize content by theme and topic. Popular channels include anime, movies, sports, cartoons, TV, art, music and more. Coub can be used by consumers, businesses and publishers to provide a new way of engaging with audiences.

The app is available for free on the Play Store.


Magisto Makes Movie Modifications Magically

Magisto sounds like it should be a villain from a comic series ("Fear me, I am Magisto the Malevolent!" might be some of his nefarious dialogue), but no, it's actually an Android app for shooting and editing Android videos magically. Remember Arthur C. Clarke said about technology and magic.

The app is designed to let users shoot a video, or upload one they've alredy taken to the app. They add a title, choose a soundtrack from the on-device library or from the app's selection of licensed music, and then Magisto claims that it will intelligently add in effects, make edits, and splice together footage in a way that is downright magical. There's facial recognition for recognizing who is who in a video, and stabilization can be applied, because we're not all robots who have hands that don't shake. I mean, I'm not, but other people might be.

Once a video is run through Magisto, it can then be shared to Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, and videos can be accessed from any device that runs Magisto, including the iOS app. iOS? Now that is truly nefarious, says Magisto the Malevolent.

Magisto is available for free from Google Play.