Sony Introduces New “Video Trimmer” App for Android

Sony Introduces New “Video Trimmer” App for Android

Sep 6, 2011

Sony has launched a new app for trimming videos that hopes to simplify the process a bit for users. Entitled quite simply “Video Trimmer,” this allows users to trim their videos in a way that doesn’t require precise frame-by-frame trimming.

What users do is select a beginning and end point, and then process the file, and it quickly becomes a finished video file set to that length that the user dictated. Users don’t choose the specific times that they want to trim to; instead, they can choose from specific points, and can zoom in and out on the timeline to choose points by certain amounts of time. While the app only allows for zooming in to a certain point in the current release, it still makes trimming to smaller points much easier than apps that allow for that specific kind of trimming. This is designed for casual users, not for advanced video editors. The controls are also designed for simple usage, with a finger sliding control mechanism. By sliding left and right, choosing clips sooner and later in the video can be done, and sliding up and down shrinks and expands the trimming interval.

The app can edit even videos recorded in HD and out put them back in that same resolution. It also offers a handy view of the filesize of the video, in case the user is trying to trim it to a certain length for uploading to YouTube over 3G, for example. When a video is trimmed, it can then be shared through Android’s built-in sharing, so videos can easily be shared to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, MMS, or any other services that support video sharing through Android’s sharing services.

While an app like vidTrim might be superior for advanced users, this should be useful for users looking for a quick and easy video trimming experience. Video Trimmer is available from the Android Market now from $2.99.