Video Battling Comes to Android via Clashem

Video Battling Comes to Android via Clashem

Jun 21, 2016

For folks who thrive in the high stakes area of user-created video bragging rights, we have good news: new app Clashem is here, courtesy of Red Bull.

· Discover the best short video clips in any imaginable genre – pogo stick tricks, freestyle skiing, funny animals
· Fast & easy video upload – let it be tricks, funny or weird, filmed on a GoPro or not
· Battle or be battled in categories such as Funny, Moves, and Weird & Artsy
· Super fun video battle experience – see cute animals battling parkour athletes performing crazy tricks
· Instant feedback on your video performance – see whether your funny videos of your neighbor’s cat made others lol or if your trampoline skills made them omg
· Global leaderboards and staff picks – discover the best content in all categories; the craziest acrobatics, the cutest animals, the most awesome parkour stunts, and the wildest freestyle tricks in any sport
· Compete with your friends on social leaderboards – find out whether your paragliding adventures beat their FMX or breakdance tricks
· Share your videos and achievements
· Favorite and save videos you love or that make you lol – may they be about pogo sticks, skiing, unicycle or motocross, or maybe just funny animals or artsy nature videos
· Follow users and see their videos appear in battles first – want to see more skateboarding and BMX follow those users and you’ll never leave

The app is available for free.

Video of the Day: Go MooMoo Might Just Increase Sales of Protective Cases

Video of the Day: Go MooMoo Might Just Increase Sales of Protective Cases

Feb 1, 2016

Say what?

One minute?

The developer of new game Go MooMoo has a simple challenge for anyone with the temerity to try the game: get through 60 seconds of this arcade thriller.

Go ahead. He dares you.

The concept is simple: the player has a farm with a small fence. A cow on the farm wants to escape. The player’s job is to do what is necessary to prevent our bovine friend from escaping.

Easy, no?

If we were out to score game trailers, we’d definitely give this one high marks for style. A lot of vexed device throwing that is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Check it out below:

HeroCraft Announces Upcoming Game World of Dungeons, Releases Teaser Trailer

HeroCraft Announces Upcoming Game World of Dungeons, Releases Teaser Trailer

Mar 13, 2015

HeroCraft is eager to let know it has a new game in development called World of Dungeons.

World of Dungeons is a role-playing game that features turn-based squad battles in a dark, mature fantasy setting.

The core-gameplay includes three single-player modes. In the first mode, players will send their heroes into dungeons in search of treasure and adventure. In the second mode, they will fight fierce bosses and get rare weapons and artifacts for defeating the enemy. The third mode, the Arena, is the place to test heroes in battle against tough enemy teams.

World of Dungeons has various hero classes: along with the familiar Warrior and Paladin, players will encounter new ones, such as Colossus and Soldier. Hero class determines the stat allocation when the hero levels up. There are hundreds of class-specific items that comprise different heroes’ sets. Completing a set gives heroes a big advantage in battle. Besides, there are hundreds of non-set items and weapons that all heroes can use.

Heroes of all classes can learn any of the hundreds of skills. Players can master slayer skills when playing a mage, or create even more complex combinations. The difference between classes is that they start off in their own section of the global web of skills

The new game is due out in the Summer; we also have a a teaser trailer below:

Outwitters 2.0 Gets Release Date and New Trailer

Outwitters 2.0 Gets Release Date and New Trailer

Feb 25, 2015

While noting some unfortunate delays, One Man Left Studios is letting folks know that it’s upcoming title Outwitters 2.0 is just about ready for a March release on Android.

Take turns against friends or let us match you to a worthy opponent in this quirky turn-based strategy game. You’ll maneuver your troops through the fog of war in 1 on 1 or 2 vs 2 battles where the first player to destroy the enemy base wins. Four races are at your disposal, each with a unique special unit to master. Will you fight alongside a hermit crab cannon, a brainwasher, a creeping thorny octopus, or a troop-teleporting narwhal?
Take turns asynchronously, or pass the device
1-on-1 or 2-on-2 mayhem!
Battle players of similar skill with league placement & matchmaking
New seasons arrive to shake up the leaderboards
Build a friends list and chat in-game
Works on both tablets and phones

We also get to see a new gameplay trailer below:

Milk Video Review

Milk Video Review

Feb 20, 2015

The internet is a wonderful place.

It’s all about the content. Meme videos. Music clips. Technological reviews. News analysis. Satire. And a whole, whole lot more.

Yep… it boils down to so much content, and so little time. Samsung’s Milk Video looks to be the bridge in the process, a service that pulls in video from a host of sources, and gets smarter as it goes.

Opening up the app the first time gives an idea of the breadth of offerings; off the bat, one gets to see an interesting swathe of options with regards to channels to pick from: Jimmy Kimmel Live, Laugh or Die, The Tonight Show, NBA, HuffPost Live, Engadget, Android Authority, VEVO and a whole lot more. The basic concept is to “follow” milk2channels, and said channels will then show up in the users feed.

Then in the feed, the channels are stacked upon each other vertically, and tapping on any video makes it play embedded in the feed. Switching to landscape allows the app user to consume video full-screen, which is a nice feature. Also, videos can be acted upon from the feed; long-pressing (or tapping the three-dot menu at the top right) a video gives one the options of saving a video, formally “liking” it, or even sharing using on-device utilities like email or social networks. To do any of these operations though, one must have a Samsung account, Google account or a Facebook account.

Altogether, it works well as an aggregator, with videos playing smoothly. Content providers continue to increase, and for music lovers, the presence of genre-specific VEVO channels is huge. Sadly, the ad-free goodness is restricted to owners of specific Samsung devices — no tablets — and as such, this is an unabashed exclusive directed at a specific set users. Still as an anchor service, it does resonate surprisingly well.

For folks who do a lot of video — and who doesn’t — it is a more than just an enjoyable diversion.

YouTube Adds Homepage Tweaks via Update

YouTube Adds Homepage Tweaks via Update

Jan 23, 2015

Google is hard at work improving its core Android apps; YouTube is getting an update that is rolling out currently.

Per the app page:

It’s easier than ever to find new music and rock out to old favorites on YouTube. Discover songs and artists on a music homepage made just for you. Listen to an endless YouTube Mix inspired by your favorite song or artist. Play albums fast – right from search.

YouTube remains free on the Play Store.

[Source: Google Play Store Page]

Video Re-Mixing Site Coub Releases Android App

Video Re-Mixing Site Coub Releases Android App

Jan 12, 2015

Video Re-Mixing service Coub has just released an Android app.

Users can add full length music from their library to further customize their coubs. Coubs are shareable on any social network including Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Pinterest and LinkedIn; and are embeddable on Facebook, Tumblr and any blog platform and CMS. Great coubs are surprising, fun and compelling remixes of the latest shortform media.

Additional features of Coub for Android include:

• Watch Coubs in stunning fullscreen mode
• Explore editors’ picks and popular and trending Coubs
• Find and invite friends
• Create a feed of the best Coub users to get freshest, funniest and most interesting content daily
• Collect your favorite Coubs to watch again and again
• Unlimited uploads
• Custom video filters
• An Android-exclusive “multiple channels option” allowing users to operate from all channels that they have under their account from the app

Since launch in 2012 Coub has seen over 3 billion views and is now averaging over 400 million views per month. Users become part of the Coub community and can find, like and recoub their favorite coubs. Coub features hundreds of “channels” that organize content by theme and topic. Popular channels include anime, movies, sports, cartoons, TV, art, music and more. Coub can be used by consumers, businesses and publishers to provide a new way of engaging with audiences.

The app is available for free on the Play Store.


Crescent Moon Unveils Trailer to Upcoming Game Exiles: Video of the Day

Crescent Moon Unveils Trailer to Upcoming Game Exiles: Video of the Day

Nov 20, 2014

Crescent Moon sure knows how to keep folks panting.

The renown Android development and publishing house has just revealed a new trailer for its upcoming game Exiles: Far Colony. The game is a sci-fi 3D RPG game that serves as a sequel to the popular Ravensword: Shadowlands.

The game boasts a plethora of weapons, vehicles and other items that should make the gameplay compelling on paper; it also features a soundtrack by experienced industry vet Sean Beeson.

Additionally, the alpha version of the game will be available on November 24th; the full version should arrive before the end of the year.

We’re gonna keep an eye on this one; if the trailer is anything to go by, it should be a nifty game indeed, with a cool plot and nice looks to boot, and we look forward to formally reviewing it.

The trailer is below.

The Science of Voice Recognition: Video of the Day

The Science of Voice Recognition: Video of the Day

Oct 18, 2014

I believe in the concept of anchor apps: apps that make the prospect of switching platforms unpalatable. These apps are the apps mobile OS makers count on to help propagate their respective OSes. Get some good anchor apps to get new folks hooked on your ecosystem, and sky’s the limit.

In fact, I theorize that having a few mobile anchor apps like Maps, Gmail and Search is what gave fledgling Android OS a fighting chance while it gained users and the developers needed to create the vibrant app ecosystem needed to keep those users satisfied… and encourage friends and families to do the same.

On Android, I do have a few anchor apps. One that stands out is Google Now. The voice assistant is an excellence tool I rely on heavily (with the help of Tasker and associated plugins). I’d be loathe to do without the cards, information and tie-in with other Google services.

In the video below, we get see a Google-created documentary about the science behind voice technology.

[Source: Google Youtube via Engadget]

Samba Coming to Android This Week

Samba Coming to Android This Week

Oct 14, 2014

Samba, the award-winning “reactive video messaging” tool is finally making its way to Android OS.

It was formerly exclusive to iOS.

Samba is a popular social tool; in is basest form, it literally records the reaction to a video. A typical scenario is a person sending a funny video to a friend; the app records the real-time reaction that the friend has to the video and sends the clip of the reaction to the original sender. No sending action needs to be performed by the person who received the video.

The app also incorporates special effects that allow people get creative with output. The whole package is geared towards video sharing among people from within this self-contained application.

While the app page is up and running, The Next Web notes the app won’t officially be available till October 16th 2014.

Samba will be a free app on the Google Play store.

[Source: The Next Web article]

Augmented Reality Game Ingress Gets New How-To Video

Augmented Reality Game Ingress Gets New How-To Video

Sep 19, 2014

Ingress has a way inserting itself into conversation.

I was at an informal reunion of my wife’s class, held at a restaurant last winter. As the evening wore on, I happened to over hear one of my wife’s old classmates talking about “hacking” with his wife.

Boom. I lost track of time. We talked about strategies, local hotspots, the challenges of playing as a couple and making friends with the “enemy.”

Some of the others at the table were curious about what elicited such engaged conversation. As anyone that plays Ingress can tell you though, you almost have to play it to get it. Google’s Niantic Labs’ augmented reality thriller is especially interesting, but also quite hard to explain. Thus, we probably sounded like a few techno geeks on a smartphone high.

We probably didn’t do a good job of recruiting, but I blame the developer.

Thankfully, Niantic Labs has released a new video that helps in situations like this. This new video does a great job at discussing gameplay basics:

Ingress remains free on the Play Store.

[Source: Androidcentral]

EndlessTV Releases Series of Apps to Provide TV-Like Experience for Mobile

EndlessTV Releases Series of Apps to Provide TV-Like Experience for Mobile

May 8, 2014

EndlessTV 3

EndlessTV has released a series of apps that seamlessly translate various video channels to a mobile device, as comfortably as possible, providing a TV-like experience. The apps are grouped by the genre and consist of a variety of videos that string together to make a great TV-watching experience. The apps are available from here: EndlessTV apps on Google Play