Vine Gets Updated With New Features

Vine Gets Updated With New Features

Sep 27, 2014

Video sharing social service Vine just unveiled a new update that adds in some interesting new features.

Per the Google Play page, the new features are as follows:

We’ve unlocked something new: new camera tools that offer additional, more advanced ways to edit your videos, and you can import existing videos from your phone.
In the capture screen:
A new button on the bottom left to access your camera roll
Preview videos of any length, and trim them to 6 seconds or less
Upload a single video, or mix and match to tell a story!
Undo last recording
Flashlight for recording in low light
In the edit screen:
Duplicate a clip, or trim a clip

Vine remains free on the Play Store.

Video Recording Comes to Instagram; Does It Also Mean Ads Are Incoming?

Video Recording Comes to Instagram; Does It Also Mean Ads Are Incoming?

Jun 21, 2013

Instagram has just added a big new feature: video. And it’s launched on Android as part of the version 4.0 update.

Video shooting is very similar to Vine, where tapping and holding, in this case on a set “record” button, is used to record video, and allows for jump-cuts. There’s not a way to import video in…yet, which could be Facebook and Instagram trying to get some of the spontaneity that has defined Vine’s videos. However, without loops like Vine has, it may be aiming for more of a formal levity in its productions from users.

On the production side of things, front and rear cameras can be used. Of course, there’s the famous filters that are also available as the one post-production open, there’s no editing of what was recorded. Users also select a video snapshot that is used as the thumbnail in the stream, with users tapping on the video to launch it. The thumbnail also serves as a backwards-compatibility mechanism: they are what display in apps that display Instagram previews and on earlier versions of the app. It’s really quite clever.

This is the screen you see when taking videos.

This is the screen you see when taking videos.

Now, obviously Instagram’s format is obviously longer than Vine’s is, and there may be a particularly-clever reason for that: monetizing. As one astute Twitter user points out, 15 seconds is a commonly-used advertising time. So, while videos would need to be formatted to the square format that Instagram uses, this could be their trojan horse way that they get advertising in: by instead of trying to make it fit with square images, to put videos in users’ feeds. That links are still unclickable seems like something that will change down the line.

So, while videos bring big changes to Instagram, it’s likely that Facebook’s seeing this as a way to not only expand the service, but to get some of that billion dollars or so they paid back for it. So prepare for ads, Instagram users! But hey, at least there’s filtered videos now.

Vine Finally Makes Its Way to Android: Here’s What You Need to Know to Vine Like a Pro

Vine Finally Makes Its Way to Android: Here’s What You Need to Know to Vine Like a Pro

Jun 4, 2013

Finally, Vine has come to Android! The Twitter-owned video creation service that launched on iOS last year is now on Android 4.x devices.

Vines are 6-second videos that loop automatically, like GIFs with sound. They’re shot live; there’s no uploading of previously-created files (at least for regular users) and no editing afterward. What you shoot is what is shared.

So how do I use it?


It’s super-simple. Just hold down on the screen, and video+audio will start recording. Now, it’s possible to record just with a single tap of the screen, so opportunities for stop-motion animation or rapid, disjointed shooting can occur.

Remember that Vine videos loop around, so there’s creative opportunities there for videos crafted particularly to take advantage of this. Also, Vine videos are meant to record for a bit longer than the end of the 6-second bar while recording, with sound fading out.

Right now, the app is a little bit buggy – I tested a recording on the Nexus 7 and the sound got out of sync, so don’t expect perfect results, or something on par with what iOS users have been doing quite yet

Who’s worth following on Vine?

There’s actually a decent number of celebrities using the service for comedy – James Urbaniak (known as the voice of Dr. Venture on The Venture Bros. and a character actor across film and TV), Will Sasso (MADtv), Adam Goldberg (NYC 22, The Unusuals), and Marlo Meekins are all worth following. Reggie Watts is worth following as well, not so much for the humor of his Vines but because he shows how well looping can work. Game developers occasionally post in-development footage of their games – 6 seconds can reveal a lot! Musician and game developer Whitaker Trebella posts an eclectic mix of game development footage, musical interludes, and occasionally just weird footage that will haunt your nightmares.

There’s no easy way to link to someone’s profile to follow them on Vine, so just search for their name in the app and they should appear. Seenive is a good website that aggregates users’ Vines.

Just get out there, check out the Explore tab, make some silly, stupid, or even deadly serious Vines, and have fun. Tweet your Vines to @AndroidRundown!