Vintage 8mm Video Camera Review

Vintage 8mm Video Camera Review

Aug 29, 2013

What is with modern technology always trying to replicate old technology? I’ve played games that have done their best to replicate scan lines seen on old CRT monitors. I’ve heard songs that purposefully try to sound like they’ve been recorded on old vinyl.

Add Vintage 8mm Video Camera to the list of ‘new trying to look old’. As the name would suggest, Vintage 8mm Video Camera aims to emulate the grainy recording equipment of yesteryear. It’s easy to see why. Colors in recordings look warmer and there’s something to be said about the ‘retro’ look this app can give your videos and photos.

For as good as the final result is, it’d be for nothing if the app was too complicated to use and this is something that Vintage 8mm Video Camera avoids. An extremely simple and clearly labelled series of options are within a few button pushes and their effect on your future pictures is clear to see as a preview window is present throughout.

If you’re not too keen to mess about with the large number of sliders and options, there are 5 preset styles that are meant to represent cameras from the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s , 60’s and 70’s. By default, the camera settings are so closely trying to stick true to the time period that no sound is recorded. As with everything else in the app, there’s options here to enable audio or to even place an MP3 of your choice over the top of your recording.8mm1

A few shortfalls exist, though it’s hard to say they’re entirely Vintage 8mm Video Camera‘s problems. For example, recording video is fine, but there’s no way within the app to do anything with them. No ability to edit or cut together video, though perhaps that’s forgivable given that this is just a video recording app. It’s also a little unwieldy to scroll through all of the photos and videos you’ve taken and playback isn’t very slick. Again, this is an app that’s designed to record video. So perhaps it’s forgivable that playback and editing of media isn’t present or done very well.

The ultimate question for users is the question of value. Vintage 8mm Video Camera costs around $2. For those 2 dollars, you get an app that can take some vintage looking photos and film. You get an app that gives you a whole host of options and preset settings so you can get the exact retro look you’re after. You won’t get any editing or advanced sharing capabilities.

So, bearing in mind what it is and what it does, it’s pretty good. There’s not an aged-film effect that this thing can’t pull off. It will leave you having to edit together pieces of film later and you’ll probably have to go into your Android Gallery app to peruse your media. Overall, a very competent app full of options and easy to use. Just don’t expect it to do more than record.